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Get This Free Pack of Dynamic Video Transitions for Davinci Resolve

After getting familiar with the general interface of your chosen video editing software, and perhaps after your first few simple edits, the next step for most aspiring editors or YouTube creators might be to start learning a few fancy transitions to flex those creative muscles and spice up your new videos. This YouTuber has just made your lives a little easier.

How Do Introverts Navigate the Difficulties of Posing Clients?

Introverts find joy and comfort in being alone, not because of a dislike of other people, but because they are happiest when they're in their own space. So, how can a truly introverted person switch to a full-on social situation where clients need to be directed or posed in a confident manner?

Nick Page Thinks That He Sucks? An Important Message for Everyone

In a personal and heartfelt video, one of the most talented landscape photographers around talks about his recent struggles with his own mental health in relation to content creation and the ultimately meaningless pursuit of likes on social media.

How to Light an Interview for a Dark and Dramatic Look

Shooting interviews is the bread and butter for a lot of videographers, especially those who work in the commercial sector, from in-house corporate communications and internal marketing, to brand awareness and customer testimonials. Most of these setups would require high-key or fairly neutral lighting styles, but what if the client needed more drama?

How to Convert a Film Negative to a Digital File Without Using a Scanner

Getting film developed is expensive, and depending on where you send it, it can take more than a few days. If you find yourself with some old negative film strips and you're wondering how they would look today, check out this fun tutorial for developing them in Photoshop.

Gobos: An Affordable and Expressive Solution for Creating Interesting Backgrounds

A white backdrop is an incredibly versatile piece of equipment, and a must have for any studio photographer. But if you want to mix things up a bit, and you don't want to fork out for another background — like one of these beautiful hand-painted ones — or you just want to have some creative fun, making a gobo is a fantastically adaptable alternative.

Wildlife Filmmaker Has a Close Call With a Leopard

One way to increase your chances of getting a good wildlife image is to carry out a thorough overview of a potential area. That's why having a solid understanding of the subject's behavior is so important. Sometimes, though, even the most seasoned wildlife veteran can get caught off guard, as this incredibly lucky gentleman was reminded.

Videographer Explains How to Mask Jump-Cuts While Recording and in Post

Anyone who frequently views talking-head style YouTube videos/vlogs will often notice the jump-cut style of editing that many creators employ in order to cut out mistakes like dropping something, long pauses, or word salads. When videos with mistakes are edited without much care or thought, they end up being quite jarring if not downright frustrating to watch. So, if you're a creator who wants to mask a jump-cut as best as possible, what should you do?

Ever Wondered Why Broadcast Cameras Are so Big?

Television studio cameras are massive when compared with any DSLR photography setup and are even bigger than most cinematography rigs. Check out this video for a fantastic breakdown of why they tend to be so large and cumbersome.

Misconceptions Around the Zoom Versus Prime Lens Debate

After we graduate from the complete beginner phase of our photography journey and as we start to ask the important questions like "which camera should I buy next," we invariably land on a discussion thread or Fstoppers article lampooning the plebeian zoom lens over its rival prime. "Move with your feet, you lazy so and so" and "look how light my backpack is," cry the baying mob as you hang your not-so-sharp head in shame. But, not all is as it seems.

Documentary Photographer Daniel Milnor Breaks Down One of His Images

A core value in being able analyze, interpret, or critique a photograph is the knowledge gained which can then be applied to your photography. Furthermore, applying those same observations in an honest way to your own images is a powerful tool for creative growth.

Liven Up Your Portfolio With Some Sexy Ink Shots

Ink photography is a common technique and/or style employed by some photographers — mainly those who specialize in photographing products — that not only adds an extra splash of color to an image, but also texture, movement, and an element of fantasy.

National Geographic Photographers Explain What It Means to Be a Contributor to the Famous Publication

National Geographic Magazine has been educating people since 1888 about cultures, places, wildlife, and science. While the writing is always well researched and written, it is the photography supporting the essays that has really captured the attention of its readers. Some of its current crop of contributing photographers discuss their roles, photos, and why photography plays an important part of raising awareness in this video.

How I Edited One of My Favorite Wildlife Images in Lightroom

For many, wildlife photography is all about natural colors and objective realism. The light, composition, and behavior captured should do all the talking. And for the most part, I agree — for that other tiny little bit, though, I beg to differ. Please allow me to elaborate in more ways than one.

Four Ways to Compose Wildlife Images for Maximum Impact

It's very difficult to stand out from the crowd as a wildlife photographer. It's a genre where one can go overboard with creative editing quite quickly. Many would say not to get creative with wildlife editing at all — that wildlife imagery should be an accurate representation of the animal and its environment. So, how does one create an image that stands out from the crowd?

Alien Skin Exposure Announce Major Re-branding

On August 29th, photo editing software company, Alien Skin Exposure, announced a major rebranding initiative. The company is now named Exposure Software, and, naturally, has a new logo plus a new website URL reflecting their major focus on Exposure — the company's creative photo editing product.