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How Often Do SD Cards Really Fail?

There's been enough dissections on how Canon and Nikon shot themselves in their respective feet by releasing mirrorless systems with only single card slots. Trust Tony and Chelsea Northrup, though, to spice things up a bit with some scientific analysis.

Everything You Need To Know About Smart Objects in Photoshop

The Smart Object has to be one of the more powerful tools in the Photoshop arsenal. If it still confuses you a little — and I know it does — check out this in-depth video on the myriad ways in which it can be utilized.

A Quick-Fire Lesson on Cinematic Camera Movements

When one needs to add more dynamism to a video, be it cinematic or commercial, it's time to employ some camera movement. In this video by The Slanted Lens, J.P. Morgan teaches us eight smooth camera movements to use in different situations.

How to Create Drama With Speedlights

Trying to replicate certain looks, especially from our favorite films, is a great way to enhance our skills as photographers, but it's not always as easy as it looks. Gavin Hoey from Adorama TV gives us some great tips on how to light a scene like a film noir.

Why Every Photographer Needs to Embrace Video

I've been holding off on learning video ever since I started my photographic career. Having now taken the plunge, I can safely say that I wish I had embraced video sooner.

Stop Procrastinating: Photograph Some Nature

I know that I've banged on about the importance of planning in order to get that extra special shot. However, I've often let over-preparation get in the way of creativity.

Tips for Starting a Real Estate Photography Business

Attempting to break into the professional scene is the same for most aspiring photographers, and any advice is welcomed by the novice. But, anyone who's more interested in photographing large inanimate objects than people might want to watch this.

Slow Down With Landscape Photography

In our age of social media saturation and fast-paced tutorials with loud intros and even louder personalities, it's important to remind one self to breath at least once in a while. This video — which outlines some meaningful reasons for slowing down — was very close to the bone for me.

Using Photography As a Force For Action

Photographs can cause an instantaneous emotional response; that's what they're good at. So what's stopping you from using that to get people to pay attention to the things that you care about?

A Quick and Easy Way to Color Grade Images in Photoshop

Adding to or accentuating the color tones in an image is a very effective way of telling a story, eliciting an emotion, or strengthening the aesthetic. In this short walkthrough, I'll explain how I can speedily color grade my images.