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Which Auto-Selection Tool Is the Best in Photoshop?

It doesn't seem all that long ago that the magic wand tool in Photoshop was pretty much as advanced as selection tools got. These days, however, there are several different ways to make selections in your images. Question is, which of these tools actually does the best job?

Seven Annoying Things That Clients Do to Harm Photographers

The moment you start working as a photographer for money everything changes. While there are many positives when it comes to being paid to shoot, there are lots of headaches along the way too. Here are seven annoying things that clients will try to do to you, and how best to keep the upper hand in those situations.

No Photoshop Allowed: 10 Clever In-Camera Tricks to Try

You can never know enough tricks of the trade when it comes to photography — those little techniques that can transform a boring picture into something that will stop the viewer in their tracks. Here are 10 of those go-to tricks well worth adding to your photographic arsenal today.

How to Make Cinematic Work on an Old $300 Camera

It may be a statement that you've heard many times before, but it's the photographer that makes the picture and not the camera. Here's how a little bit of knowledge along with some cheap kit can turn your images from looking amateur to professional in a few simple steps.

Hack Your Camera and Taser Your Subjects, Yes Really

Hacked cameras, tasers, and portrait photography are not elements you'd usually find together, and for very good reason too! This creative programmer is about to combine all these things for some hilarious photographic results.

Why Being a Lazy Photographer May Not Be Such a Bad Thing

You don't have to look for too long on Instagram to find some very hard-working and busy photographers. Is all that industrious activity doing them any good? Here's why being lazy may actually be a better option.

Underrated Practical Tips for Sharper Photographs

There really is nothing worse than finding that dream photograph you took isn't quite in focus. Use these underrated tips to get more keepers and sharper photos each and every time.

The Death of Photoshop: A Warning to Photographers

Photoshop's days are seriously numbered thanks to the likes of AI, machine learning, and neural networks. The question is, what should photographers be doing to prepare for this big change?

How to Be More Confident as a Photographer

Confidence is one of those important attributes that are really useful for a photographer. While too much can definitely be a bad thing, not enough can dramatically reduce the opportunities you'll have to make great work.

Photoshop Shift Key Tips You Need to Know

Thanks to Photoshop's myriad of features, it's more than understandable that you don't know every single key combination or shortcut out there. Here are several ways to use the shift key to make your life while editing so much easier.

How to Master This Cinematic Lighting Setup

Understanding how to use light is one of the most important lessons a photographer needs to learn. Master this easy yet effective setup before your next shoot.

The One Email Trick That All Photographers Should Be Doing

Email is not going to stop being a vital tool for photographers anytime soon. It's for this reason that you should be making the most of each and every one you send. If you want to stand out, get more work, and look professional when corresponding online, this article is for you.