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How to Creatively Light Scenes at Night

Understanding how to light scenes at night is one of the most valuable lessons to learn as a photographer. Open up a world of creative possibilities with these great examples.

Psychological Pricing Tactics for Photographers

The way you structure and display your rates to potential clients could be negatively affecting your earning potential and losing you work. Use these tried and trusted psychological "tricks" to help you get hired and earn more money.

One Thing I Regret Not Starting Sooner as a Photographer

What if I said there was something more useful for our photographic careers than any social network we've ever been on? With the ability to reach many more people than all your followers on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter combined; no restrictive algorithms, no paying to boost posts, no adverts. Do you want in?

Act Now Before Your Flickr Account Is Transferred

Flickr has been acquired by SmugMug, and the official date for the switchover is looming. Here is why now might be the time to back up everything, reach out to all your followers, and maybe think about deleting your account forever.

Sixteen Crucial Items I Take on Every Photoshoot

You'd be surprised how just a few extra items packed in your camera bag could help you to steer away from many problems that may arise while out on a shoot. Consider adding these 16 objects to your photographic arsenal.

The Dangers of Photographers Being People-Pleasers

I'm sure you've heard the old saying that if you try to please everyone, you'll please no one. Not only is this something to think about in our everyday lives, but it's an approach us photographers should really be following too.

Transform Your Existing Images With the Help of Adobe Stock

The sky usually plays an important role in shaping the mood and tone of the pictures you make while photographing outdoors. If mother nature doesn't want to cooperate and give you a desirable sky while shooting, a stock image could help save the day.

Five Things Painters Do That Photographers Should Be Doing Too

The best creatives take inspiration from areas other than the discipline they are working in, and photographers should be no different. Have you ever thought about borrowing from the practices used by painters? There's a lot we could learn from these great masters.