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Let's Make an End to All Those Pointless Camera Discussions

I keep on wondering about the discussions of photographic enthusiast about camera technology and brands. Some enthusiasts even react very angrily at brands they used to have, or at other people when they mention some sort of shortcomings of their new camera. I would think a camera is just a tool… isn’t it?

How to Make Passive Income in Photography

For a myriad of reasons, it’s always good to have multiple streams of income with photography. Not all of these streams need an equal amount of effort, however, and in this video you can learn five different ways to make a passive income with your camera.

Removing Halos From HDR or Aggressive Photo Edits

If you’ve pushed a photo edit too far in post processing, you’ve probably noticed a halo effect happening at high contrast areas of your image. If you didn’t catch it right away, here’s the trick to removing them at any time.

House of Loathing IV

Shot at an amazing appartment in Belgium last year. Calendar and Sedcard generators @ Come and...