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How to Remove Anything in Photoshop

One of the most common and versatile uses of Photoshop is removing objects from an image in a convincing manner. If you are new to the program, this helpful video tutorial will show you two useful tools that will help you remove just about anything when used in tandem.

5 Helpful Tips for Better Posing

While things like camera settings and light placement are quantifiable, posing is a bit more subjective and nebulous and thus is often one of the last things photographers really master. If you have been having a bit of trouble improving your posing, this helpful video tutorial will show you five great tips that will advance your images.

Is This the Best Portrait Lens Available Today?

Portrait lenses are some of the most popular optics out there, and as such, photographers have a huge range of choices that offer a variety of capabilities at many price points. This great video review takes a look at one of the best portrait lenses out there, the Fujifilm GF 110mm f/2 R LM WR and the kind of image quality you can expect from it.

Sigma Announces the 35mm f/1.4 DG DN Art Lens

The Sigma 35mm f/1.4 Art was the company's first in the Art line, a series that has grown to become some of the most respected optics in the industry. Now, the company has introduced the Sigma 35mm f/1.4 DG DN Art, an update to the classic lens, with a variety of new features and improvements.

A Guide To When To Use Focus Stacking and How To Do It

Landscape photography often demands extreme depth of field, where everything from the nearest flowers to the farthest mountains need to be in focus and as sharp as possible. Often, this exceeds the laws of physics for a single shot, meaning you will need to resort to blending multiple images, known as focus stacking. This excellent video tutorial discusses when you should use it and how to do it.

A Different Way of Thinking About Exposure

The exposure triangle is one of the most commonly used methods for thinking about exposure, and while it is certainly very helpful, it is not perfect. This great video tutorial will show you a different way of thinking about exposure that helps encapsulate some information the exposure triangle misses or does not always make clear.

4 Important Aspects of Taking Sharp Macro Photos

No matter the genre, few things matter more to the majority of photographers than the sharpness of their photos. For macro photographers, sharpness is one of the top challenges, and this great video tutorial will show you four of the most important aspects of creating a sharp macro photo and give you a variety of helpful tips for ensuring you do so.

A Beginner's Guide to Long Exposure Seascapes

One of the most popular types of landscape shots is the long exposure of moving water. They are a great way to explore your creativity and expand your photographic palette into images that are not possible with more basic equipment. This great video tutorial will show you how to shoot long exposures of seascapes or other moving water.

Learn How to Create This Awesome Double Exposure Effect in Photoshop

Double exposures are a really creative way to make compelling images that catch your viewer's eye. And while they used to be rather difficult to create, thanks to Photoshop, you have a lot more control over the final product than in the days of film. This excellent video tutorial will show you how you can create your own.

The Challenge of Photographing Seascapes at Night

Seascapes are a popular choice for a wide range of photographers, but they are normally shot when the sun is still high in the sky or right around sunrise or sunset. Of course, you can shoot them at night, however, and the results can be quite entrancing. This great video follows a photographer as he shoots seascapes in the middle of the night, showing the challenges that arise, how to move past them, and the awesome result.

A Look at the New Fujifilm INSTAX Mini 40 Camera

Fujifilm's INSTAX line of cameras have been wildly popular for the company, providing photographers and casual users alike an easy and fun way to take photos that harken back to the days of instant film in the 1970s and 1980s. The Mini 40 is the latest model in the lineup, and this great video review takes a look at how it holds up in practice.

What Do You Do When Your Client Doesn't Like the Images?

It is something that will happen to every photographer at some point or another: you are in the middle of a shoot, and your client simply hates the photos you are producing. So, what do you do at that point? This excellent video essay discusses how to handle this potentially sticky situation and leave both yourself and your client happy.

Learn How To Shoot This Window Light Portrait Yourself

Portrait photographers generally use artificial light whenever they are working indoors, but window light can be a fantastic source of flattering natural light suitable for a portrait. This excellent video tutorial will show you how to set up and take a compelling portrait using window light and a reflector.

Skills Every Photographer Should Have for Night Sky Photography

The night sky offers stunning photographic opportunities for all sorts of genres, but with those comes an array of challenges that require some specialized skills. This helpful video tutorial discusses some of the most essential skills photographers need to have for night sky work.

Common Low-Light Photography Mistakes

Modern cameras and lenses have made it more possible than ever to take great photos even when there is very little available light. Still, it takes a lot of careful technique and awareness to get good photos. This excellent video tutorial discusses some of the most common mistakes photographers make when taking low-light images and how to avoid or correct them and get the best shots possible.

A Look at a Unique, Lesser-Known Kind of Lens

Although there is a huge variation in lens designs and capabilities, the fundamental mechanism of the modern lens is generally about the same. However, one distinctly different type of lens is the mirror lens, and this neat set of videos takes a look at them and how they perform in practice.

7 Methods for Effectively Posing Men

Learning how to set your camera and light your subjects often means dealing with objectively measurable quantities, but when it comes to posing, the more nebulous and subjective nature can make it far more difficult to master. Most tutorials focus on posing women, but of course, you will often photograph men as well. This great video tutorial will show you some helpful tips and methods for posing men.

Helpful Tips and Neat Ideas for Minimalist Photography

We are often used to very lush, intricate, and multi-layered landscape photos with rich, vibrant colors. There is certainly nothing wrong with that, but it is not the only way to create an image. At the other end of the spectrum is minimalist photography, and it comes with its own unique challenges. This excellent video tutorial will give you a wide variety of helpful tips to improve your minimalist photography and give you some ideas to try yourself.