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Light Blaster: A Strobe Based Image Projector

I have started to see a trend with using projectors to add some flair to photos. However most portable projectors do not pump out the brightest light and cannot run off batteries alone. Meet the Light Blaster. A new tool that uses your speed light and lens to project slides in your photos, from backgrounds, special effects, and anything else you can dream up.

10 Creative Mobile Apps to Fill Your Time

Stuck in the car on a boring road trip with the parents this 4th of July? Well here is a list of 10 creative apps to help pass the time. From drawing with words to finding what color the back of your dad's head really is. Check out the mostly iPhone friendly list, sorry Droid fans!

4 Photos from London's Abandoned Post Office Railway

As photographers we all have a pull to see the unknown and capture it. I stumbled across the website and found a great resource for finding odd locations. Atlas Obscura is a collaborative project that uses the community to fill its pages and capture images. Check the rest of the post to see photos from London's abandoned post office railway.

Concert Photographer POV Shoot

Jared Polin of recently shot a concert for Macklemore of Thrift Shop Fame. Jared shot the concert with a GoPro strapped to his Canon 1D X so you could really get a feel for what a photographer does first person. Commentary was recorded over the video so you can hear what he was thinking while he was shooting.

Photos of NASA's Historic and Beautiful Structures

As a young boy nothing sparked my imagination more than space travel. As a grown adult nothing much has changed as I see these amazing structures NASA produced. I guess having an insane budget at times can conquer all... almost. Check out these amazing super-structures that helped put the USA into space.

My Unique Proposal Through a Lens

After dating for more then 2 years and having some of the best years of my life the time came to propose to my girlfriend. I knew I wanted something intimate, original / unique and true to who we are. I had the idea to use a vintage camera and tripod as part of the proposal. Then the experimenting began to find the best way to incorporate this.

Tools to Use to Avoid Uncle Sam's Snooping

The US Government has recently been caught unlawfully monitoring the Associated Press. From what I can gather, the government was looking for the contact that leaked some information regarding a cyber-attack. Read more about that political stuff here. So what can you do to prevent this from happening to you as a photo journalist? Well don't do something stupid, but if needed here is a list of some undercover software to keep your work under wraps.

BTS Video of Mad Mike Drifting The Highest Roadway in New Zealand

Red Bull just put out this BTS video of Mike Whiddett drifting the Crown Range in Queenstown, New Zealand. The Crown Range is the highest paved roadway in NZ and has some amazing views. A ton of Go Pros, slow motion cameras, and some unreal helicopter video were used to make this final production. Check the rest of the post to see the final video and link to Mike's interview.

Free Invoicing, Accounting, Receipts and More with Wave Online.

Recently I have been on the watch for a good web based accounting and invoicing program. There are numerous services out there that are top notch but they all have the dreaded monthly payment. The most common web based software runs around $30 a month, that is a total of $360 for the year. For some semi professionals this is a little steep. My problems were solved when I ran across the free web based app Wave.

Dave Kai Piper Shoots in a Historic Theatre

While on a recent trip in the US, Dave Piper had the chance to stop by The 1905 Academy of Music Theatre in Lynchburg, VA. This historic theater is in the middle of a fund raiser to help raise money to complete their renovations. However while there, Dave had the chance to shoot a model with his Fuji X-Pro in this amazing historic environment.

How to Shoot through Glass Without Reflections

We all have been in the situation. A great shot pops up through a building, plane, train, maybe even a submarine window and you snag it. Only to see after that you got more of your reflection then the scene. Well photographer and web designer Michael Courier has a simple DIY project he discovered while preparing for a train trip.

How Camera Angle Affects the Body Shape

Jay P. Morgan takes us out to the Bonneville Salt flats in Utah to teach us how camera angle affects body shape. Shooting with a 50mm and 24mm lens, Jay takes us through various heights and shows us the outcome from each level.

Google Street View Makes it to the World's Highest Peaks

There are two things I love, the outdoors and Google. When these two come together great things have to happen. Google employee (and bad ass) Dan Fredinburg lead a team up mountains, Kilimanjaro (Tanzania), Aconcagua (Argentina), Elbrus (Russia), and Everest Base Camp (Nepal). Dan used a simple tripod and fish eye lens to capture the landscape and travel as light as possible. Check the rest of the post to see the interactive mountain views and some behind the scenes photos of the team.

Joe McNally Deconstructs his Cowboy Portrait

Joe McNally takes us through his lighting setup for a recent Cowboy portrait he shot. Joe's vision was to have the photo look like it was being lit by daylight coming through a window. He accomplishes this with a set of speed-lights and a 6x6 diffuser. He also adds additional lights to add fill for the shadows that the cowboy hat creates. Joe breaks down the gear...

Dali's Collaborated Photos NSFW

Salvador Dali was a Spanish surrealist painter, known for his mind bending paintings that border on nightmare and fantasy. So what happens when this creative mind teams up with award winning photographer Philippe Halsman in 1951... amazing creative work. See the post for their NSFW photos and portraits of Dali's mustache.

Interview with Motorsports Photographer Darren Heath

Videographer Mario Muth spends a couple hours interviewing Darren Heath regarding his Formula 1 photography. Darren covers a ton of information in this interview from what he looks for in composition, gear, to post production. If you have any desire to get into Motorsports photography or just want to hear an award winning photographer give some advise, you should watch the video. To see more of Darren's unique Formula 1 photos check out the rest of the post.

Christa Meola's Boudoir Photography Two Light Setup: NSFW

I have been following the amazing work of boudoir photographer Christa Meola for a couple of years now. Just a quick look at her portfolio and you will agree that her boudoir work is some of the best out there. Recently she posted a lighting diagram for a two light setup she has been using. Christa happens to use a nude model for the lighting setup so heads up.

White Girl Poses for African Queen Shoot

In a recent editorial for Numero magazine white model Ondria Hardin poses as an "African Queen." With a ton of deep bronzer the white model fit the part, but why not choose an African American model? The modeling agency that represents Ondria also had several black women to choose from, however the magazine chose to paint Ondria instead.

Light Meter for the iPhone

I have been looking to buy a light meter since I have been shooting more film . At the same time some light meters can cost the same as a lens and it isn't something I will be using everyday. I stumbled across the Luxi kickstarter project and my problems were solved.