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Derrick Dean
Philadelphia, PA

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A Complete Guide to Enhancing Eyes in Photoshop

The eyes are one of the most crucial parts of a person when it comes to portraiture and retouching, as they are the first thing a viewer looks at and generally the establishment point of human interaction. This helpful tutorial will give you a complete guide to retouching eyes to give them a natural, vibrant look that instantly draws the viewer in.

A Downloadable Wedding Photographer’s Checklist

It was my first wedding to shoot and I had never shot one before. I get stressed out really easily, so doing this was a bad idea for me all the way around. I missed shots, I missed a set of groups, and my lighting for the reception was terrible. On top of not having a clue on how to get a proper exposure for a wedding and what images were important to the couple, I delivered full-resolution files on a plethora of disks that caused more confusion than good. Today, I'm using online galleries provided by Pixieset and flash drives for file delivery.

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