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Kesler Tran Builds A Set Out In The Desert

Some photographers think taking a pretty model out to a remote location will result in a great photograph. Others know they need to build a studio on location to create something even better. Watch what Kesler Tran does when out on a dried lake bed! /center>
Brownie Harris Talks Shooting Film

After speaking with professional photographer Brownie Harris, I realized that he didn't need to be shot behind the scenes working, he needed to be interviewed. Watch this quick 10 minute segment in which Brownie talks about his 40 years in the photography profession... you will be surprised by how many of his world famous images you have seen before.

Camera Preset Buttons:  Quickly Returning to your Previous Settings
Have you ever had to move between 3-5 different environments and maintain consistent exposure and color among each scene? Many photographers move between several locations every half hour (studio setup, indoor bounce flash, outside natural light, low light video) and have to quickly reset their camera's settings over and over again. Imagine only having to hit one button to revisit your camera's settings for an environment you were just in 20 mins ago! There could be a faster way to make those transitions.
Designing a Better External Battery Pack

Have you ever been told by a professional photographer that the only way to increase your flash's refresh rate is to carry one of those frumpy battery packs that attach to your belt and wire up to your flash? What if there was another way to improve your flash's performance that did not require any extra cables or bulky battery packs? I may have just come up with the best alternative yet... /center>
David Jackson:  Behind the Scenes for Matter

I came across this video the other day by photographer David Jackson out of Appleton Wisconsin. David is a commercial photographer who like most innovative artists shoots primarily on location. Check out his latest behind the scenes video of a promotional shoot he did with Matters: A Design Store with a Cause. MATTER: Behind The Scenes from David Jackson on Vimeo.
Behind The Mask Photography:  Glasspass Behind the Scenes

Marie-Louise Cadosch of Behind the Mask Photography is not your average run of the mill photographer. Her background as a fashion stylist seems to play a huge roll in creating a classy mood in her photographs. In her Glasspass behind the sceens video, Marie-Louise spares no effort on the production end and the images are great because of it. I love photographers who work with a large team of creative professionals, and you can really tell they add so much to overall mood of these images. It also looks like she gives a little Ode to the Kill Bill / Sin City movies without making it too obvious. Very cool shoot!

Glasspass Shooting - Behind The Scenes from Behind The Mask Photography on Vimeo.

Behind the Scenes:  2010 Olympic POWERade Commercial

This little piece of awesomeness comes from a behind the scenes video for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games sponsor POWERade. Canadian NHL hockey player Jerome Iginla takes the ice in a promotional video for POWERade's new 2010 Olympic bottle campaign.
Charleston Family Portraits and Photography:

Charleston Family Photography is a company based here in Charleston South Carolina that specializes in beach photography, family portraits, child photography, and group photos. What is so great about them is they use the natural environment as their studio so whether they are shooting family portraits at folly beach, isle of palms (IOP), Sullivan's island, or Kiawah Island, their photography really captures both the beauty of the sand and water as well as your family in their natural happy state. Most families will still want a few...

Kevin Winzeler Soccer Shoot

Kevin Winzeler is an incredible commercial photographer. Check out this video below of him shooting for Adidas and then head over to his website,, to check out his full port. My jaw literally was dropped as I was scrolling through his pics.

Danica Patrick shoot for Shape Magazine

If you are like me you may have first come across Danica Patrick during the Superbowl for one of those ads. Most people probably know her best as an Indy Car racer or Nascar driver. Here she is in a behind the scenes video for the cover of Shape Magazine. This video has it all: Girls in bikinis, classic rock, large scrims, infinity pools, and lots of behind the scenes footage! Now only if we could have heard a little from the photographer during this really fun photoshoot.
Meet Patrick Hall:  Charleston Wedding Photographer

Patrick Hall is one of the founders and writers for fstoppers. In the summer when he is not shooting commercially, Patrick enjoys shooting weddings in Charleston. Check out this slideshow featuring his favorite images of 2009.