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Articles written by Mike Smith

The Rise of the Android Camera?

Can the smartphone camera leverage the capabilities of the rapidly developing, open source and hugely capable Android operating system to displace traditional firmware? Will this finally integrate camera and computational platform? One manufacturer thinks it might have the answer.

Fake Fairies Sell for an Unfake $27,000

The Cottingley Fairies are famous (or infamous) in the history of photography as one of the earlier cases of photo fakery. Perhaps then, it's not surprising that there has been considerable interest in the auction of original prints and a high sale value.

Photographic History: Documenting an Empire, by the Abdullah Frères

Graphics are international, with photographic ideas and images spreading like wildfire. They speak a universal language, are pan-cultural, yet have their own local meanings and understandings. This sounds like the world of Instagram, 500px, YouTube, and Flickr, but it’s actually 1858, and the Abdullah Frères are setting up their photographic studio in Constantinople.

Top 10 Tips for Kite Aerial Photographers

You've now got a kite, a rig, and a camera and have completed your first test flight as a kite aerial photographer. This kite flying malarkey is harder than it looks, so here are the top ten tips for acquiring great photos.

A Beginner's Guide to Kite Aerial Photography

Drones are near ubiquitous for the capture of aerial imagery, but with their increased prevalence, their use and operation has become contentious. If you are seeking an alternative, then kite aerial photography (KAP) might be for you.

Give Your Light Trails Wings

Light trails are a perennial favorite for long exposure shooters, and a right of passage for any budding photographer. So why restrict yourself to cars in a street scene when the sky's your limit?