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Why and How Does Hollywood Still Shoot Movies on Film?

Cinematography has been transformed by the arrival of high-end digital cameras, bringing huge advantages to the entire workflow. So why do some directors prefer to shoot on film and what does this process look like?

The Camera Industry in 2022: What Will the Future Bring?

2021 was another dramatic year for the camera industry despite logistical issues and ongoing battles with the global pandemic. We have a good idea of specific cameras to be released in 2022, but what else can we expect?

Why Do Sony Users Have So Few Options When It Comes to This Basic Lens?

Sony users tend not to struggle when it comes to choosing lenses thanks to a ton of third parties complementing a large offering from the Japanese manufacturer. However, one lens now forms a bizarre gap in the lens lineup and, amazingly, companies are not trying to fill it.

Does Fujifilm Need to Improve Just One Thing to Keep Its Customers Happy?

Fujifilm has a relationship with its customers that’s a little different from every other camera brand. Having carved a definite niche within the world of photography, what does the manufacturer need to do in order to ensure that it maintains — or even expands — its market share?

Is This Historic Photo Massively Underrated?

In 1839, Louis Daguerre captured his seminal image: Boulevard du Temple, a 5 x 6 inch plate shot from his studio window. It is famed for being the first image to feature the human form, but should it also be regarded as a masterpiece of photographic composition?

Why Can’t Photo-Editing Software Do This One Simple Thing?

Artificial intelligence is bringing incredible advances for photographers, from relighting portraits and making people smile, to cleaning up skin and swapping out skies. However, photographers everywhere would beg developers of photo-editing software to harness deep learning to create one simple tool.

Is This the Best and Worst Camera Gear of 2021?

2021 brought a huge array of excellent gear. Here’s a roundup of the best and worst releases of the year, including a decision for the best stills camera that will take a lot of people by surprise.

Is This the Best Lens That Fujifilm Has Ever Made?

In September this year, Fujifilm announced a wide range of new primes, seemingly part of an ongoing effort to update its range of glass with sharper lenses complete with better autofocus and wider apertures. Has Fujifilm produced a better lens than the 33mm f/1.4 R LM WR?