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Want Better Photos? Get to Know Your Camera Sensor

No, I'm not saying to take your camera sensor out for a nice dinner and talk about its hopes and dreams. Rather, getting to know the unique strengths, weaknesses, and quirks of your individual camera sensor can do a lot to help ensure you get the results you want in your photos.

An Advanced Guide to Removing Objects Using Photoshop

One of the most fundamental Photoshop skills you can have is the ability to remove and replace objects in an image. And while Photoshop has some fairly advanced automated tools to help you do this, there are times when you'll want to take full manual control. This helpful video will show you three methods to remove objects.

So You Want to Be a Professional Photographer

There’s much more to being a professional photographer than meets the eye. Making photos for your clients is about 5 percent of the job. Making a living from photography is difficult to say the least. If you want to be a professional photographer, there are many aspects you should consider before diving in.

How to Remove Large Objects in Photoshop

Have you ever tried to remove an object from a photo, but just couldn't get it to look right, whether it be because of the lighting, color, or actual selection? This tutorial provides a handful of tips for perfectly removing objects in Photoshop.

Make Your Colors Pop Using Photoshop's Black and White Filter

Some days, the light just doesn't cooperate to give you that beautiful blue sky in the background of an image. But your subject may be so compelling, you know you have to fix that sky to make elevate your image from mundane to impressive. You could always replace the sky in Photoshop, but there may just be an even easier way to do it using the Black and White Filter.

The Truth of How I Hired My Last Model For a Major Ad Campaign

You book a commercial job and the client wants a beautiful face to grace their next ad. The client relies on you, the photographer to help with the process of hiring the model. The crew you hire rely on you to select the right candidate for their needs. That's great, right? Get the most radiant face, possibly the one with the highest social media numbers for that extra bump and you're set! Is that how it works?

Creative Minds Today Call for Constant Creation

Why do we keep creating? Why do we feel the need to keep creating something that nowadays merely feeds to the largely insatiable society that craves new content, new trends, new visuals? Jakob Owens created a brief but thought-evoking video which gives an insight in how today's creative mind works.

This Quick Tip Will Make You a Better Photographer

Everyone wants to get better in their photography skills and we keep learning constantly. Eventually, we keep accumulating so much knowledge that once in a while a reminder of few of the basics is always good. Here is a quick tip that will make you a better photographer anytime.

Lessons on Your Road to Becoming a Freelance Photographer

Taking the leap of fate to freelancing is probably one of the first major milestones and commitments we can make to both ourselves and our career. Jeff Rojas has now been working as a full-time freelancer for roughly five years. This video helps breakdown some of the tough questions and quips of wisdom that can help us push forward to being able to stably work as a freelance photographer.

Saving an Image Using Split Toning in Lightroom

Sometimes, you'll come home with an image that seems rather unremarkable, but when you play with it for a bit in Lightroom, it suddenly becomes something you hadn't envisioned when you first shot it. This great video will show you how to split toning saved an image.

Dramatic Beauty Portrait Tutorial Part 1: Complete Lighting Setup and Gear List

This is Part 1 in what will be an 8 part series for a dramatic beauty portrait. In the series of tutorials, we will go through everything from the gear used, to the lighting setups, and all the way through the complete retouching process. In Part 1, I will breakdown my gear list used for the shoot and I will thoroughly go through my lighting setup. In this video tutorial not only will you see the gear and setup, but also a behind the scenes look as me and my team go through hair, makeup, and shooting. The complete series of videos will be available here on Fstoppers and on my YouTube Channel.

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