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Want to Win $3,700? Just Take an Image of a Pet, Any Pet.

That's right, $3,700 is up for grabs in the newly announced Comedy Pet Photo Awards. Just take a humorous photo of a pet and you're in the running. And the best part is that it doesn't even need to be your pet. It can be anyone's. Read on for more information.

Care to Share Which Non-Photographers Influence and Inspire You?

I get it. Ansel Adams inspires you. Perhaps Bresson, and maybe Gursky too. But there's another world of creative geniuses outside the realms of photography where you can draw creative ideas and energy from. Here are two people that influence me.

Is This Tamron 35-150mm the Best Walk-Around Lens on the Market?

If you're looking for a lens that's super sharp, incredibly versatile, remarkably cheap, and able to cover almost every scenario you want from a walk-around lens, then this 35-150mm lens from Tamron is perfect. These images testify to that.

Can You Understand This Baffling Camera Setting?

Do you ever get the feeling that people who make menu settings on cameras and manual instructions to follow are having a laugh at your expense by making things so confusing? Can you explain this Canon menu riddle to me? Because it's baffling me.

$1,000 to the Winner: Which Image Do You Think Will Scoop the Prize?

What are you like at judging a photography contest? Do you think you know what goes through the minds of those who hold the fate of contestants in their hands? Soon, the final choices will be made and $1,000 cash will be given to the winner. Check out the images of the 50 chosen finalists and take your pick.

The Best 20 Sports Images of the Decade

As the bells chimed to bring in the new year, we said sayonara to the second decade of this century. And didn’t we see some iconic sports moments during that time? Here are 20 of the best.

Please Don't Tell Me You're Doing This With All Your Photos

Can you imagine buying a gorgeous new Ferrari, then storing it in the darkness of your garage forever? Sounds pretty crazy, right? But you could be doing almost the exact equivalent when it comes to your photography.

This Is Why I Love Living in Japan

If ever one day perfectly encapsulated the reasons I’ve lived in Japan for 15 years, this was it. From kindness, to kimonos, kids, and ancient culture, these images tell the story of why I love living in Japan.

Are You Making This Histogram Mistake? Here’s How to Fix It

Staring at a perfectly constructed histogram is like listening to an opera singer hit and hold a perfect note. But in trying to get that histogram to look like you're being told it should, you could be ruining potentially great images.