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How Much Should You Charge? Don't Make This Pricing Mistake

When you make the big leap of faith and decide to turn your passion for photography into a business, one of the most difficult tasks is working out how much to charge for your services. Whatever it is, you should never make this mistake.

sRGB, Adobe RGB, ProPhoto RGB: Which to Use and Why?

Have you ever been confused about which color space you should use and wondered what the differences are? This video will help you understand, and most importantly, choose the correct one.

10 of the Sharpest APS-C Lenses Under $1,400

If you own an APS-C system camera and you're on the lookout for some amazingly sharp lenses to get your hands on heading into 2019 without breaking the budget, this top 10 list is absolutely perfect for you.

20 Reasons to Buy the Canon EOS R and 5 Reasons Not To

It's fair to say that the Canon EOS R has had mixed reviews since its release earlier this year, and finding a balanced argument either way hasn't been easy. That's why this video from Steve Huff is refreshing in its honesty and objectivity and might just give you a different view on the EOS R.

Four of the Biggest Photography Rip-Offs to Avoid

Unfortunately, photography is an expensive passion, but what do you really need to spend your money on? In this video, Marc Newton looks at four of the biggest photography rip-offs you should avoid at all costs, and he doesn't hold back.

Lost Your Love for Photography? Here's How to Relight Your Passion

Have you ever felt so uninterested and indifferent towards photography that you could barely look at your camera, let alone pick it up and go out shooting? I have, but I found a few things I'd like to share with you today that really helped me rediscover my passion.

Is This the Best Used Camera Your Money Can Buy?

With rapidly developing technology and new releases happening often, you can find a lot of good deals on used cameras. Today I'll introduce you to one that might just be the best your money can buy.

A Look at the Best 85mm Lenses

What happens when seven different 85mm lenses are pitted against each other in a controlled test? I guarantee the results will shock you and make you reevaluate your spending habits on lenses.

Are You Guilty of These Common Photography Mistakes?

Making mistakes is part of learning, even if the criticism stings sometimes. And after seeing some of these common photography mistakes, I had to put my hand up and say, "guilty as charged." I guarantee you will too.