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Is This Replacement for JPEG Going to Cause Controversy?

The JPEG file format is one of the most ubiquitous formats on the web, but the actual technology that powers the compression is old. A new method, based on machine learning, might change what photography really looks like.

Next-Generation Cameras Must Have These Features

The next generation of cameras are going to be competing in a market that’s tougher than ever. While the launch of mirrorless camera hardware from Nikon and Canon may have prompted some to upgrade, the next round of camera purchases also needs to offer something new in software. Want to know what needs to be there?

Creating Winning Photos: 3 Steps to Optimize Your Images With Photoshop

There’s more to creating a good photo than just moving the sliders. A huge part of wowing your viewers can come down to just a few settings that many forget. Before you export or save your next image, make sure you check out these options for the best results.

What I Won’t Travel Without: Fstoppers Reviews Caldigit’s Tuff Nano

Between 45 MP raw files and 4K video, it’s tougher than ever to ensure that the content you produce on a trip can actually make it home. Add Apple’s absurd pricing for a soldered-in SSD, and you can probably spend as much on storage for a trip as a business class plane ticket. Caldigit is a name you might not be familiar with, but it might offer the perfect solution.

3 Ways to Save Over $1,000 on Your Next Video Production

For videographers, being able to keep to a budget can make or break your project or business. All too often, though, saving money means cutting corners and sacrificing quality. Want to know a way to reduce your costs and still create a well-crafted product?

Is Instagram Hostile to Photographers?

If you’re like me, you’re one of Instagram’s billion active users, and if you’re a photographer, it’s a natural choice to have a presence on the platform that has been synonymous with photography over the last decade. Instagram, however, doesn’t seem to care about photographers — only users. Should that change? Can it?

It’s Time to Rethink How You Handle Cloning Out Distractions

Whether you’ve worked with Photoshop for years, or are new to the program and want an updated approach to cloning, healing, and editing out distractions and issues, there’s been a number of updates that have challenged the old paradigm of editing in these situations. Want to know the new approach you should be using?

My Stock Photo Made 97 Cents, and I’m OK With That

The payouts for stock photography have become something of a joke to many photographers, but is there a better way to look at things? I’ve changed how I’ve approached stock photography, and in doing so, came away with a refreshed view of photography as a whole.

Has Wedio Created the Airbnb for Camera Gear?

Whether it’s Uber, Turo, or Airbnb, the sharing economy has been behind some of the biggest changes in how people use their car or home. Wedio has launched a new twist on photo and video gear rentals that might just change how everyone buys and owns their next camera.

This New Lightroom Feature Update Can Improve Every Photo

Lightroom received a group of new features as part of Adobe’s latest Creative Cloud batch of updates, but one in particular stands out as a huge shift to how you work with the software. Want to know how to make it work for you?

Why Choosing the Wrong Color Space Can Be a Disaster

As you get more comfortable with editing, you’ll probably come across color spaces. Just picking a random color space to edit or export with can cause major issues with your photos, however. Want to know which color space to use and when?

New Preset Pack Released by SLR Lounge and DVLOP

A new pack of presets, called Crush, has just been released by SLR Lounge and DVLOP. With a "bold and vivid" aesthetic, this pack combines DVLOP's technical background in preset development with SLR Lounge's professional style. Want to see what's included?

Is One Post-Processing Step Better Than 48 Megapixels?

A few years ago, Adobe introduced an alternate way of processing images that could help reduce artifacts. In the intervening years, much of the benefits have faded away, until now. Can this technique find a new use in processing images from non-Bayer sensors?

Airdata: An Essential Tool for Drone Pilots?

Whether you’ve just gotten a drone to escape quarantine via the skies, or you’ve been flying professionally for a while, having access to more detailed flight information can help make you a better pilot. Airdata, a flight data platform, promises to give pilots broad insight into their drone’s data. Do they deliver?

Don't Miss This Big Sale on Fujifilm Cameras and Lenses

Fujifilm's X and GFX cameras and lenses are on sale at B&H. With dozens of items receiving some sort of special pricing, it's a great time to check out the product lines. Want to know my picks for the best deals?

Your Next Camera Might Be a Subscription: Here's Why

Even before the economic disaster of COVID, the camera industry was contracting. The software industry has adopted SaaS pricing, with Adobe Creative Cloud being the most recognizable example. That pricing model, or one like it, might be the next big change coming to camera hardware.