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Is $2,700 Fair for Canon’s New Lens?

Canon’s new RF 85mm f/1.2 L has been officially announced, along with a hefty price tag. Considering the specifications and market this lens will compete in, is the price fair?

Buying Gear? Why Using This Card at B&H Could Save You Hundreds

Recent changes to sales tax laws have opened the door to online retailers having to collect sales tax for out-of-state customers. B&H has just launched a product they say will instantly reduce the amount you owe on taxable purchases. Let’s take a look at how it may work and whether it is worth getting.

What Is Canon Missing?

It’s been about eight months since Canon launched their full frame mirrorless system. In that time, they’ve created or announced 10 lenses to be delivered by the end of 2019, as well as a second body. Despite the fast progress on building out the kit, Canon is missing a critical item.

Three Ways to Save Thousands on Gear

Buying new gear can be one of the major expenses for any photographer, so taking any opportunity to save is important. There are a number of ways to save on any gear purchase, without compromising on the quality, warranty, or buying experience.

This Camera Feature is a Game Changer

I recently started shooting with a Nikon Z 7 and noticed something interesting when reviewing some images from a shoot. There was a feature that I didn’t pay much attention to, but I think it’s really undervalued.

New Video Editor on the Block: A Look at Filmora's Pro

There are dozens of options in the video-editing software space. There's a new entrant, Wondershare’s FilmoraPro, which promises pro-grade tools and features without a pro-grade price.

Can You Really Claim It Was Shot With a Phone?

Plenty of phone companies claim that their advertising images were shot with their phones. Some are outright lying, but others are in more of a grey area. When is it accurate to claim that is was shot with a phone?

My Love for Lightroom Is Fading Quickly

Adobe's Lightroom is a divisive piece of software. Proponents love the consistency and close compatibility with Photoshop, while others argue it is inefficient with resources and has inferior processing compared to competitors. I want to take a look at a much simpler, fundamental issue with Lightroom.

The Best Astrophotography Subjects In March

With March comes the return of the Milky Way, the zodiacal light, and other great astrophotography subjects. Alyn Wallace breaks down a number of the key events in the night's sky for the upcoming month.

The Five Most Useful Apps for Planning Photos

Smartphones offer countless useful resources for planning and shooting photos. With tens of thousands of apps, it can be difficult to know which are the best. Here are my top five.

The Truth Behind One of America’s Most Famous Photos

Dorothea Lange’s “Migrant Mother” is an iconic representation of the Great Depression, and one of the most famous photos of all time. There’s more to the story than just the one famous image, however.

Night Image Post-Processing Essentials: What I Did to Get the Shot

Images shot after sunset, using natural light, can be among the trickiest to post-process properly. This guide provides a walkthrough of my post-processing steps for a recent night shot, and introduces a number of techniques I find essential for optimal night photos.

What I Learned by Missing the Shot

The best landscape shots can require planning and preparation, but when the shot doesn’t come together, photographers can still walk away with something valuable.