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An Essential Landscape and Travel Tool

One small piece of gear is an essential buy for landscape, travel, and adventure photographers. Even if you already own one, a number of recent developments may mean it is time to update.

Are Your Photos Future-Proof?

A number of products premiering at CES 2019 give an indication to the future of photography and videography. Even without new equipment, there are some changes you can make to ensure your images and video are ready for the future.

Tweaking Lightroom: Optimizations and New Options for Performance

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic CC has recently updated to 8.1. With any new software release, there are new features. This new version is no different. Some of these options can speed up your workflow or speed up performance in general.

Don't Lose Your Images in the New Year

The end of the year is a great time to take a look at the backups and file management you’re currently using. This article details some essential practices and habits to adopt for the new year to help keep your images safe.

Is the D850 Losing to Canon's 5D Mark IV?

Photographer and YouTube content creator Thomas Heaton has been testing different cameras, looking to replace his Canon 5D Mark IV. In his most recent video, he gets some surprising results when testing the Nikon D850.

A Quick, Easy Photoshop Fix for Common Issues

Photoshop is an amazing, complex tool. When it works, everything is great. When something isn’t working or even worse, works intermittently, nothing is worse. Recently, in dealing with a problem I had, I learned an essential troubleshooting tip, which I’ll definitely make use of in the future.

Why I Won't Travel With a Laptop Anymore

For years, whenever I’ve traveled, I’ve gone through the trouble of dragging a MacBook Pro, charger, and cables along with me. I tried something different on my most recent trip, and I don’t think I can go back.

The Best Post-Processing for Woodland Images

Thomas Heaton breaks down an essential woodland editing technique, known as the Orton effect. He recommends using it when shooting natural, woodland scenes. It provides just the right amount of pleasing glow and softness to take down the artificial and overly contrasty look that can sometimes crop up with photos of trees.

Seven Lesser Known Lightroom Shortcuts

I've seen a lot of Lightroom tutorials and tips videos; most seem to cover the same few shortcuts. Mark Denney covers some great lesser known features in this video, including a tip for changing the spot removal selection I've never seen before.