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How You Can Practice Lighting Without Ever Touching a Light

With many of us unable to work or even practice right now, it can be both difficult and frustrating trying to keep our skills sharp and the creative juices flowing. Would you practice lighting within a virtual studio? This fantastic video shows you how you can learn about lighting and create setups you can use in the future without ever touching a light.

How Much Should You Charge for Your Photography?

One of the most nebulous concepts in professional photography is the task of pricing your services and products. If this is something you struggle with, this helpful video will give you a lot of great guidelines for knowing what to charge to maximize your income.

How to Quadruple Your Portrait Profits

Scottsdale, Arizona-based headshot photographer Tony Taafe went from selling $60,000 in his first year of business to $250,000 in his third, and he wants to help other photographers do the same thing.

The Tyranny of the Travel Photographer

Travel photography has to be one of the most rewarding kinds of photography. You get to experience other cultures, places, foods, and parts of human history that you wouldn't otherwise. On top of that, you get to photograph it all. In one day, the variety of amazing new things you get to make pictures of is truly incredible. However, during my travels over the years, I've noticed some extremely disturbing behaviors from "photographers" while traveling.
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