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Articles written by Wouter du Toit

Music and the Fisheye Lens

Harry Styles just released his new album with a cover photo taken with a fisheye lens. This video shows how the fisheye lens was created and adopted by musicians and producers in different eras.

Two Weeks With the New Mac Pro

The Mac Pro has been sent to Marques Brownlee for a review, and he's impressed. This video will show you what you can expect if you're planning on upgrading.

Is Creativity a Curse?

Is everyone creative, or is it something we’re cursed with?

Luminar 4 for Beauty Retouching

The software that could save you time or money is here in a big way. I’ve compared the time spent retouching an image like I usually do and retouching it using Luminar’s AI, and the latter takes the cake.

How They De-Aged 'The Irishman' Cast

There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes. In this video Rodrigo Prieto, the DOP of the movie, discusses how they used three cameras and infrared markers to make it possible to de-age them in post. He also talks about using different LUTs in different eras of the movie to emulate the most popular film stock colors used in these different times.

How to Create High-Contrast Portraits

In this video, Mark Wallace explains how to take high-contrast images. He also explains some key terms that you should think about when you shoot this type of portraits.

What Will Adobe Release Next?

As photographers and video creators we use post-production and editing applications like Photoshop, Lightroom, and Premiere Pro. During Adobe Max this year, they gave us a sneak peak of what’s coming, and these videos will show you what to expect.

Looking for Inspiration? Ask Alexa

Adobe Creative Engine is a way for you to see what's happening in the creative world, especially if you need to get out of a creative rut, and it now supports Alexa.

Testing the Moment Superfish Lens

My wife and I went to Copenhagen for the weekend to shoot 7 models together. We stayed in this awesome Scandinavian-styled apartment with a lot of wood finishing and great character. I wanted to try out the Moment Superfish lens to shoot some interiors, typically what I think these lenses will mostly be used for.

What I've Learnt From Peter Lindbergh

I’ve paged through his books at bookshops, and I know he’s done some of the Pirelli Calendar campaigns. But I've looked at his work again since his passing, and it gives insight on how he does it, and what type of person he was.

Are You a Photographer?

It’s too easy to think about how photography has been democratized and how anyone today with a camera can call themselves a photographer. It’s an excuse in fact.

What's Needed to Be Successful in Photography

We've all read the motivational quotes about creating work that matters and the 10,000 hours of practice to become an expert at something. This video gives us more than that and will make you understand the most important aspect of creating a life where you do what you love.

How to Shoot a Short Film

Have you ever wanted to shoot a short film? I've had ideas, which in my opinion, were great ideas, but it's not often that I grab a pencil and paper to start developing a storyboard, until this video.