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Articles written by Nicco Valenzuela

Practical Tips for Taking Better Lifestyle Photos

What makes a good lifestyle photo? Lifestyle photography has a specific charm to its viewers. Effective photographs allow the viewers to relate and catch a glimpse of what the subjects represent. There are, however, certain challenges that make the process a little bit harder.

What Is a Shift Lens and What Does It Do?

Shift lenses offer a lot of unique solutions in certain situations. Is it beneficial for your photography workflow? In this video, we'll see the uses of a shift lens and for what genres of photography you may want one.

How Does Photography Make You Happy?

If amidst all the challenges of the changing times and around the craft itself, you’re still really passionate about photography, it probably brings you significant joy. But why?

We Review the Portable Gitzo Légende Tripod Kit

“The last travel tripod you’ll ever need” might seem like a very definitive statement, but let’s take a look at what Gitzo is talking about and exactly why is this tripod kit worth getting.