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20 Helpful Tips for Using Tools in Photoshop in Just Two Minutes

Photoshop is a tremendously large and complex program, and it certainly behooves anyone working in the application to learn whatever they can about shortcuts and the way the tools work. This helpful video will give you over 20 practical tips for maximizing the usefulness of the tools in Photoshop in just two minutes.

A Complete Guide to Camera Autofocus Modes

When you are new to photography, there are numerous settings and parameters on your camera that are important to get to know. Amidst things like exposure settings, it can be easy to overlook the importance of really understanding every intricacy of your autofocus settings. This great video will get you up and running in no time.

Beginner, Pro, or Photography Master? Find Out Where You Are

There are many people out there who call themselves photographers. Probably most of them are able to take decent images, a few are professionals, and hardly anyone is a master of the art. Where do you put yourself?

Will Photographers Survive the Next Recession?

During the past decade, the world economy has experienced steady, gradual expansion. But what goes up must come down, and the question photographers are wise to consider is: "how will the next recession affect me?"

Bring Your Subject out of the Shadows With This Technique

Have you ever captured an image you thought could have been spectacular if not for a stray shadow that rendered it unusable? Don't erase that file just yet. You may be able to recover the detail out of those shadows using this helpful Photoshop technique.

The RAVPower FileHub: A Travelling Photographer's Best Friend

When I received the RAVPower FileHub my first thought was "This thing is light. It can't be what it says it is." and boy was I wrong. While it definitely is not perfect, the RAVPower FileHub is an extremely versatile, handy, device for those that like to travel light.

Do You Have to Pay to Photograph in the Faroe Islands?

The combination of vastly increased living standards for many people around the globe, individualism and social media has created a boom in tourism never seen in the history of humanity. Towns, areas and countries such as Venice, Dubrovnik, The Isle of Skye, US national parks, Iceland, The Netherlands and The Faroe Islands are feeling it (and that is just to name a few). The Faroe Islands seem to do something different.

What if Your Photos Suck?

In this YouTube video, Brendan Van Son discusses with us the feelings and thoughts of what happens when you are working on assignment and your photos suck.

How to Set Up a Photography Studio in a Small Space on a Budget

We would all love to have large, sprawling studios in which we can have the freedom to experiment and tackle any sort of job with ease, but the reality is that that simply is not the case for most of us. This helpful video will show you how to set up a working, versatile studio in a small space without spending a lot of money in the process.

Eliminate Visual Noise In Your Image With This Tip

A lack of light is the enemy of any photographer and, in certain situations, it may force you to bump your ISO far higher than you're comfortable with. The resulting visual noise in the image can render it unusable. Unless you follow this tutorial from PiXimperfect, that is.

Are These Photography Techniques Overrated?

Photography is an art full of popular techniques and styles that are used and emulated by millions of photographers worldwide. Are some of those techniques overrated, though? This interesting video examines what one photographer thinks are five of the most overrated photography techniques in use today.

Make Photoshop's Content-Aware Fill More Powerful Using This Technique

Photoshop's Content-Aware Fill feature is a highly powerful way to quickly and convincingly fill in small or large patches of an image or to remove unwanted objects. It is not always perfect, but with this helpful tutorial, you can get a lot more mileage out of its functionality.

Skylum Is Adding Sky Replacement to Luminar 4

The next version of Luminar, called Luminar 4, will include a one-click sky replacement feature. Other photo editors can get it done, but it usually involves masking, and it often doesn't work very well with foreground objects like trees with a lot of leaves. Adobe demonstrated a one-click sky replacement in 2016, but alas, it never appeared.

How to Remove Noise by Stacking Multiple Photos

As a photographer you are probably confronted every now and then with unacceptably high noise levels. This may occur when using extremely high ISO levels, or perhaps when lifting shadows too much in post processing. You can try to reduce noise by one or two sliders in Photoshop, Lightroom, or similar software, or by stacking a couple of photos.