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Tips and Tricks for Shooting the Icelandic Volcano at Night

As the Icelandic volcano continues to erupt in Gelingadalur, Iceland, these two photographers share their very best tips and tricks for photographing a volcanic eruption, and luckily the same techniques can be applied to landscape photography anywhere in the world with an active, erupting volcano.

7 Tips and Tricks for Better Pet Portraits at Home

If you've been trying to get some portraits of your furry friend but your images aren't quite cutting the mustard, then these seven simple techniques might be just the thing you need.

Three Ways to Sharper Photos With Adobe Lightroom

Creating sharp photographs can be challenging, a vast array of camera settings and subject matter can make it tricky. But there are three ways to successfully enhance the sharpness of images using Lightroom.

How I Edited This Photo With Lightroom Mobile

Tired of your nature photos looking drab and dreary? Well, thanks to the power of Lightroom Mobile, you can now breathe new life into your images on the go thanks to its comprehensive toolset.

Why You Should Photograph Birds From a Floating Hide

Getting close to birds is forever a problem, the closer you get the more likely it is that the birds will notice you and fly away. However, a floating hide can transform your ability to get up close and personal with birds on the water.

2 Easy Ways To Extend Backgrounds in Photos Using Photoshop

Extending backgrounds is sometimes needed when you have a great shot, but the composition was a little off or the backdrop was just slightly too small. In this tutorial I'll show you two ways you can extend the backdrop in Photoshop CC with clean results.

The Top Paid-for AI Photo Editing Softwares for 2021

Artificial intelligence is fast becoming one of the most sought after features for image editing software, but which one is right for you? We've rounded up the five best AI image editing software for you to choose from.

Save a Portrait in Lightroom When the Light Isn't Right

What happens when you take a shot and you just love the expression of your subject, but the light lets you down? You take it into Lightroom and sprinkle some magic dust all over it, and in this tutorial, I'll show you exactly how I do that.

Eliminate High ISO Noise Fast With Lightroom

Nobody wants a noisy photo, that's why in this tutorial you'll find out how to remove high ISO noise fast using some helpful tools in Lightroom.

Printing Nikon D850 Iceland Landscape Photos the Size of a House

How often have you pixel peeped at another camera to see if you could print the images large enough to fit on your wall? I bet you've never considered printing it the size of your entire house, but that's exactly what this photography duo did in Iceland.