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Articles written by Louise Downham

8 Things I Never Imagined I'd Retouch Regularly

Some people think a photographer's job is glamorous. And perhaps it is, at times. At other times, though, photographers find themselves retouching some really annoying and frankly quite gross details.

Speaking With All of the Sony World Photography Award Winners

The only thing more exciting than winning a Sony World Photography Award is getting the opportunity to speak with each of the winners. I interviewed each of them for Fstoppers about how they work, their inspirations, equipment, future plans, and advice on entering awards – enjoy!

What Would Be Your Desert Island Camera And Lens?

What a great question. Andrew & Denae bring us the answers from some top photographers. It's fantastic to hear from them which kit they love and which they just couldn't do without. Putting aside my jealousy of anyone having 200+ lenses, this is a great video!

Tips And Tricks To Improve Your Outdoor Portraits

In this great video, Brandon Woelfel takes us through photographing with natural light at golden hour and dusk. Explaining his ISO, shutter speed and aperture options at every stage makes it nice and easy to grasp the secrets he's sharing.

Do You Do These 5 Camera Checks Before Every Shoot?

It happens to all of us: you take some fantastic photographs, get home, and realize a camera setting was insane. Use these five checks every time you start a shoot, and you'll avoid making those mistakes.

How to Pose Normal People for Great Portraits

Justin and Kirby share some great tips on how to pose normal people. What do you do when your subject isn't an experienced model? Give them lots of encouragement, and show them the poses you have in mind.

Fantastic Tips to Stop Feeling Shy Taking Photographs in Public

Ok, so we can't take photographs in public at the moment. But after lockdown ends, the opportunity to go out and photograph will be overwhelmingly exciting! But what if you find yourself feeling shy taking photographs in public? Pierre T. Lambert has 5 great tips on how to overcome this fear — well worth a watch!

Inspiring Videos of Wild Animals Reclaiming The Empty Streets

COVID-19 has certainly turned the world upside down. One of the most unexpected effects, though, has been on the streets in normally bustling cities. Taking advantage of the quiet roads, wildlife is starting to creep back in and reclaim urban areas. Instagram is now just as likely to show us a badger ambling along the road in Florence, Italy, as it is to show us a civet meandering in Kerala, India.

How Pro Photographers Are Staying Creative During Lockdown

This is undoubtedly a crazy time for photographers. There's no work, and we can't stretch our creative muscles as often as we're used to. How are the pros coping? Many pro photographers are using their photography skills to create something they'd never normally have time to do, and the results are remarkable.