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On1 Releases Sneak Peeks of Their Upcoming Amazing New Tools

On1 Photo Raw has changed from being an app that once played catch-up to advanced software with unique features well ahead of the competition. They have released three sneak peek videos of exciting features that are coming soon.

A is for Amateurs, P is for Professionals, M is for Masters: Hogwash!

A long time ago, I heard someone utter this bit of nonsense. Depending upon the genre of photography you shoot, there are good arguments for using manual controls and settings. However, there are times when your camera’s automated technologies prove the Luddites wrong, then automation is king.

The New OM SYSTEM M.Zuiko Digital ED 20mm f/1.4 PRO Lens Announced

The first lens under the new OM SYSTEM brand has launched, dispelling the scaremongering about the brand. This new glass looks like a significant addition to the M.Zuiko arsenal, proving that MFT is a thriving format with a bright future.

The Stupid Names of Camera Functions

Manufacturers are determined to keep their systems insular so equipment from other brands is incompatible. However, there is one area where this blinkered approach degenerates into silliness and damages photography: the naming of functions.

Could Wiral LITE Be a Videographer and Vlogger's Dream?

The Wiral LITE is a portable cable cam kit. It’s small, lightweight, versatile, affordable, and strong enough to carry my mirrorless camera and pro lens. This may be a videographer’s dream.

What Camera Features Would You Be Lost Without?

Experienced photographers only need the basic camera settings of focusing, metering and exposure. It’s necessary having a grasp of these fundamentals, but extra features and technologies make our lives a lot easier. Here are ten I need. What are yours?

The Nets Set to Trap Photographers

Ash wants to take up photography. Never having owned a camera, besides the one on their phone, it’s something they have always had a hankering to do, especially after seeing all those great photos on Instagram. This is a cautionary tale, telling what can go horribly wrong for photographers.