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How to Photograph Flying Food

In general, the images that I find the most engaging are ones that have motion in them. In some images, the motion can just be implied and that still adds a whole new dimension. Motion can also add an element of storytelling to the image which how engaging it can be. This is why I believe, food images with motion get so much attention.

The Canon EOS R5: Thank You, but No Thank You

This is not a negative piece on Canon, nor am I complaining about what Canon is or isn't doing. Now that I have that out of the way, let's get realistic about Canon cameras for a moment.

Why Doesn't Every Professional Camera Have This Feature?

Shooting while tethered is probably the best way for many photographers. It's obviously not ideal for certain kinds of photography, like events and weddings; however, for those that shoot on a tripod, being tethered to a larger screen can make all the difference.

Extreme Street Photography With Kai and Lok, Covid-19 Edition

As the lockdown continues, many of us may be struggling to find ways to keep ourselves entertained. Worse than that is the fact that many of us may be feeling a little under utilized. It's probably not that easy to flex our creative muscles during this time, especially if your kind of work specifically requires you to be out and about.

Canon 1D X Mark III Versus Sony a9 II: Which Camera Should You Buy?

When it comes to flagship cameras, most photographers tend to buy into one brand and stick with them. It's not very often that people who shoot with these cameras switch from one camera brand to another. A big reason for this is because familiarity is valuable and especially useful when shoots are critical.

Can Sitting Too Close to Your Screen Damage Your Vision?

As far as I know, most photographers and videographers tend to edit their own content. This generally means that most of them spend a great deal of their time in front of a screen. Is all of that screen time causing damage to our eyes?

Large Format Is Still Completely Unrivaled: 8x10 Versus Fuji GFX 100 (5DS R & X1D II)

Previously, we compared a 4x5 film camera to the Canon 5DS R, and the film camera was able to produce incredible results. We mostly focused on the differences in depth of field for that comparison. With 4x5, you're able to produce beautiful bokeh and extremely shallow depth of field. In this latest video, we decided to look at the differences in resolution.

Grinding and Overheating: Are Problems Emerging for the Fujifilm X100V?

This year, Fujifilm has released two exceptionally good APS-C cameras. In my view, these are the best crop sensor cameras currently on the market. As more and more people get their hands on these cameras, problems relating to overheating seem to be surfacing with the Fujifilm X100V.

Every RF Zoom Lens Compared: Which Canon RF Lens Is Best for You?

The Canon EOS R is a camera that may have split the crowd a little. In my view, it's not the best release from Canon for a number of reasons. The lenses for this system, however, are a very different case. In typical Canon form, the latest RF lenses are fantastic, and if you're having difficulty picking between them all, then this video might be of help.

The Fujifilm X-T4: The Best Camera I Won't Be Buying (Probably)

Fujifilm has officially announced the X-T4 and to me it looks like a brilliant camera. Fuji has implemented most of the major requests made by many within the community. My initial reaction in London was extremely positive towards the camera. Unfortunately, there are still a few reasons that hold me back from upgrading.

Three Reasons Why I Didn't Switch From Sony to Fujifilm

Over the last few years, many Sony shooters have been requesting certain features that still haven't been delivered. One of the main features that a lot of people seem to want is better video features. Unfortunately, Sony has, for the most part, stuck with the same video features they initially offered back in 2015.

Hands-on Look at the New Fujifilm X100V With Sample Photos

The X100 series of cameras have been my favorite for quite some time now. I first fell in love with this series when I bought the X100T. This camera was with me at all times, and I took so many personally, meaningful images with it. The only reason why I sold it was so that I could buy the X100F. Now, Fujifilm has recently announced its successor, the X100V.