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The Nikon Z 6 Might Be the Most Underrated Camera for Video: Full Frame Raw Video

For many of us, a Sony mirrorless camera was the default option if you wanted to shoot high quality full frame video. Sony first offered this feature in the a7R II and I bought into that system too. More recently however, it seems Nikon are taking a shot at offering high quality video features; but is anyone taking notice?

Should Fujifilm Completely Discontinue the X-H1 Series of Cameras?

When the X-H1 was first announced, I wrote an article talking about how it was a disappointing release from Fujifilm. My thoughts about that camera haven't really changed; however, since rumors of the X-T4 started to circulate, I've had a think about the H series and where it sits in the line-up.

Here's Why It's a Great Idea to Invest in Digital Asset Management

When I first started out in photography I didn't have any specific process to manage any of my images and files. This is one of the primary reasons I don't have many of my early images anymore. It's a shame because I was quite proud of some of the images I had produced.

Instagram Fact-Checkers Are Now Hiding Creative or Photoshopped Images

As a company, Facebook has quite a prudish mentality when it comes to art and creative works in general. This is why we have campaigns like "Free The Nipple," because Instagram doesn't really seem to appreciate art. What's worse is Instagram is now targeting images they consider "fake," which includes composites and works of a surreal nature.

Wondershare Recoverit Adds an Important New Update to Help Better Recover Video Files

When it comes to data recovery software, there are plenty of options currently on the market. In my experience it's been super useful to have a recovery software on hand because I have had SD cards fail on me. The issue is that many available options tend not to do a great job at recovering video. Wondershare might have the answer with its latest update.

"Evil Eyes" Sunrise Captured During Solar Eclipse

Historically speaking, solar eclipses have been surrounded by myths, legends, and superstitions. If you're one of those individuals who remains superstitious about sunrises and solar eclipses, then you should probably avoid looking at this image for too long.

Here's Why the iPhone Is the Best Camera for Beginners

There have been plenty of occasions where someone has asked me which camera they should buy up to a certain price point. My first question almost always is to ask them what smartphone they currently have. The reason for this is because smartphone cameras have come such a long way that they’re now viable tools for photography and video.

A Few Pro Tips to Help You Produce Sharper Portraits

When I first started out in photography, one of the things I personally struggled with was producing sharp results consistently. There are a lot of factors that can cause your images to appear blurry or appear to lack detail. Over time, as you develop your experience, you can minimize the number of shots you take that aren't as sharp as one would prefer.

Surprising Results for the 2019 Smartphone Camera Blind Test

Blind camera tests are definitely my favorite type of test, because they tend to reveal things that I wouldn't have previously considered. It's easy to get wrapped up in the specs, but the real-world results and perceptions seem to matter more than what's on paper.

DJI Ronin-SC Versus Zhiyun WEEBILL-S Gimbal Comparison Review

Over the last year, I've tried and used a good number of different gimbals. In my view, the DJI Ronin-SC has been one of the best gimbals I've used so far when it comes to the kind of footage it can help produce. This gimbal actually replaced my previous favorite, the WEEBILL Lab; so, I wanted to how it performed against the new and improved WEEBILL-S.

Fujifilm 56mm f/1.2 Versus Zeiss Batis 85mm f/1.8

For many photographers, a good 85mm lens camera is simply indispensable. For full frame cameras, there are plenty of options; however, for those that shoot with an APS-C camera, options are somewhat limited. Fujifilm is one of the companies that offers something brilliant in this range, and I wanted to test and compare it to a full frame "equivalent."

Fstoppers Hands-On Look at the New and Surprisingly Brilliant Leica SL2

As camera manufacturers go, Leica is probably one of the more polarizing brands on the market right now. Personally, I'm a fan of their cameras, although I'm not planning on owning any cameras from them in the immediate future. Even still, I do think they produce some wonderful devices.