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Mike Kelley Critiques Your Architectural Photos

In the latest video from Fstoppers, professional architectural photographer Mike Kelley critiques images submitted by fellow photographers. All of the images were submitted by architectural photographers who are part of a closed group on Facebook.

What to Do If You've Been Sexually Assaulted

Recently a number of women have come forward and made some pretty strong accusations against a relatively well-known photographer, Jason Lanier. This has brought the subject of sexual abuse and assault back into many discussions.

Lensbaby Composer Pro II With Edge 35: My First Time Doing Street Photography

Street photography is one type of photography that I'm honestly not brilliant at. It's different from most kinds of photography, because it's somewhat difficult to plan. For architecture, I can control most things, and this is comforting, because I know the kind of results I'm going to be able to produce. Street photography, however, is not quite the same.

My SD Card Failed and This Was a Huge Lifesaver

Recently, one of my SD cards failed on me when I trying to access it. After I inserted it into my Transcend card reader, I was able to access the card momentarily until the folders abruptly closed down, preventing any further access to the data. As you can imagine, this was quite concerning to me.

Learn More With ACDSee and Their YouTube Channel

For many photographers, the Adobe software suite is the main suite they use for editing and to manage their content. Over the last few years, however, many creatives have become dissatisfied with the monthly subscription model that Adobe has now opted for. For this reason, many photographers have been looking for a viable alternative.

Datacolor Launches SpyderX Tool Kits for Digital Photographers

In my view, color management is one of the most important things we can do as photographers. The use of color is one of the fundamentals of what makes a great image. For that reason, I highly recommend using calibration tools.

The Sony a7S III: Destined to Disappoint?

Over the last year, a fair number of very impressive cameras have been released with lots of new features both for photographers and videographers. Companies like Panasonic and Fujifilm have released feature filled exciting cameras, yet the original mirrorless full-frame camera manufacturer has been seemingly dragging its feet.

Fstoppers Reviews the Alter Rapid Filter System

Early on in my career, I was quite reluctant to use any kind of filter system. I was under the impression that any filter effects could be achieved by utilizing a few techniques such as mean stacking. I've changed my mind since then and I now regularly use filters for my work. The issue is they can be a hassle, however, a company called Alter may have a solution.

Tilt-Shift Lenses vs Lightroom/Photoshop: In Camera or Fix It in Post?

As an architectural photographer, the main types of lenses I use are tilt-shift lenses. These prime lenses are unique in how they operate because they allow you to move the internal elements parallel to the sensor. This can be extremely useful for perspective control and ideal for shooting architecture. The question is, are they vital or just overpriced?

Asus ZenFone 6: The First Ever Dual Camera Swivel Phone

Smartphones seem to be advancing at a much quicker pace than conventional cameras are. Companies are consistently trying to find solutions to problems and issues. The battle to perfection continues and Asus seems to be pushing towards this goal with their latest smartphone

Is the Canon EOS-1D X Mark II Still Worth Buying?

It's been more than three years since Canon first released their flagship camera the EOS-1D X Mark II. Since then, plenty of other cameras have been released, new flagship models from other manufacturers and even a whole new mount. Three years is a long tie in the world of technology so how does the current Canon flagship camera hold up to today's standards?

How to Recover Deleted or Formatted Files with Wondershare Recoverit

One of the best pieces of advice I have been given in recent times was to not be a firefighter. Before you all jump on me and tell me I'm a dummy for saying something negative about people who are clearly more heroic than I am, let me explain. What I mean is to not be proactive in how I operate.

Image Cataloging Made Easy With ACDSee Photo Studio Standard 2019

I hope I'm not the only person who does this, but up until recently, I had not used any of the cataloging features from any image editing software. This isn't because I thought any of them were particularly bad; instead, I just have my own way of managing files and their locations. However, ACDSee has changed my mind about this.