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Lightroom Settings All Photographers Should Know About

Lightroom is a deceptively complex program with a wide variety of settings that can impact both your workflow and the quality of your images. This excellent video details some lesser-known settings in the application that you should nonetheless be aware of.

Photographer Shares Shocking Images Commercial Fishermen Don't Want You to See

Brian Raymond, a lifelong fisherman turned shark dive operator and photographer, recently shared some powerful and disturbing images he captured of bycatch in the waters off of southern New England. Bycatch refers to unintended species that are caught while fishing for another species and is a regular occurrence in commercial fishing.

Six Simple In-Camera Video Transitions

Unless you have mastered the art of shooting your entire video in one clip, your video project will be broken up into different scenes or cuts. Adding transitions between the different scenes can improve your overall project. Are you out of ideas for alternative ways to transitions your video from scene to scene?

Change Up Your B-Roll With These 11 Different Shots

B-Roll can add much-needed dynamics to enrich your story in your footage, but using the same type of b-roll over and over again can get boring. Are you stuck with using 120 FPS slow motion and find your work getting stagnant? Not sure what else you can do to change it up?

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