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Mac Pro 2019: Read This Before You Buy It

If you haven’t already heard, Apple recently announced the 2019 Mac Pro. Besides the base model being insanely expensive, there are also a few other things you should be aware of before you consider buying the 2019 Mac Pro.

LED Lights for Video and Photography for Hybrid Shooters

If you are a hybrid shooter who shoots both video and photos, then you may have considered using LED lights as your main light source. In this article will have a look at a few options from Falcon Eyes.

Panasonic Lumix S1 Versus Sony A7III Is Bigger Better?

Panasonic Lumix S1 compared to the Sony A7 III, is Panasonic able to compete with one of Sony’s best selling cameras? Are they too late to enter the full frame market? And is bigger always better? Let’s find out.

Surprising Micro Four Third Low Light Video Experiment

If you have previously been told micro four third cameras are not the best option for shooting video in low light situations. Then you just might be pleasantly surprised when you see the results of this video.

Should You Buy a 2019 iMac Or Build a Hackintosh?

Last week Apple refreshed their iMac range for the first time in two years but is the new 2019 iMac worth the hefty price tag? Or would you be better off building a Hackintosh that you can easily upgrade in the future?

Spice Up Your Portrait Lighting With Colored Gels

In this article, you’ll discover how to spice up your portrait lighting using colored gels. You are about to discover how to easily gel your strobe lights to create different lighting effects from gelled key lights to creating different color backgrounds.

Is HLG the Best Picture Profile for Panasonic and Sony Video?

If you are a video creator and you own a Sony or Panasonic camera, then you need to have a serious look at this. If you are not already shooting video with the HLG picture profile then you may not be getting the highest quality video out of your camera.

Dog Photography That Is Doggone Good

If you are a dog lover, then you will really dig these doggone awesome photos from Kaylee Greer from Dog Breath Photography and the star of “Pupparazzi.”

How to Create a Vignette in Adobe Photoshop CC

In this quick tutorial, you will discover a unique way to create a subtle vignette in Adobe Photoshop CC that you may have never seen before. If you are a visual learner, I have also created a video tutorial that you can use to follow along.