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Mads Peter Iversen
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Articles written by Mads Peter Iversen

Three Basic Non-Algorithm Tips for Growing on Instagram

For many photographers, Instagram is still the biggest and best social media platform for spreading and showing our work. Growing on Instagram is, however, a long, weird, confusing, and sometimes frustrating process.

Morocco as You Have Never Seen It Before

8K and 60 frames per second sounds crazy and it is way more than many of us can even appreciate. Yet, even in 4K or Full HD this video looks just stunning.

Improve Your Epic Drone Photography With These Five Tips

I love my Mavic. Having flown with drones for a couple of years I have to admit that little machine made photography even more fun. It also improved my photography, my vision, my ability to pre-visualize scenes and it increased the production value of my videos tremendously.

Brace Yourself: Lavender Season Is Coming

Are you ready to photograph some lavenders? Do you know when and where to go? Here is the answer and everything else you would like to know.

How to Actually Improve Your Photography

In this article I'll share five tips on how I actually improved my photography. Here I'm not talking technicalities such as sharper images, shallow depth of field, using a tripod, or removing your lens cap.

Precise Prediction of the Auroras

If you have ever photographed the auroras you know how important it is to know when they will explode in the sky. We actually have data available making that prediction easier than just following the Kp number.

Tips for Creating Dramatic Seascape Images

Seascapes has always fascinated me!.I do not have a preferred vision for seascapes; I love both minimalistic and simple versions, as well as those highly dramatic ones full of action and movement. Here, I will share some of my tips on creating the latter.

Six Reasons to Photograph the Iconic Locations

Ever felt bad for photographing an iconic location? I have been part of the landscape photography community for some years now and I have heard many different opinions; some very strong and even demeaning, such as “photographing iconic locations makes you a bad photographer”.