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Funky Hand-Painted Prints Exhibit Reminds Us of How Cool Selective Color Really Was

What once was old and lost can be found new again, can’t it? That’s what photography is all about, after all. Sealing something in time. A visual tomb, preserved without the breeze of the next day to blow it along, but never suffocating. Alive. It's funny that this is how I felt when I stumbled across photographs from The National Gallery of Australia’s "Colour My World" exhibit.

Is It the Shoes? Top Wedding Photographers Let Us Peer into Their Soles

Much can be said about preparing yourself for photographing a wedding, not the least of which is picking out your kicks. That’s right, finding adequate and stylish footwear to last an 8 to 15-hour workday should be a paramount decision for the successful wedding shooter. For some it's simply about price, fit, or orthopedics. But if we are honest with ourselves (and our egos), some of us also want to make a shoe decision as memorable as Jeff Spicolli’s checkerboard Vans slip-ons. Myself, I’m a Rockport man. The comfort for a wide-footed Michigan swamp-stomper such as myself is unparalleled in a formal shoe. I’m far from an authority on below-the-ankle style, however. Just ask my wife! Let’s see what some of the best guys and gals in the business are putting on their feet, shall we?

Nikon Will Pay the Sales Tax on Your Next Purchase from B&H

In an interesting promotion that began as a rumor earlier this week, Nikon has decided to help you stick it to the man by picking up the tab on your sales tax for your next purchase from B&H.

The new promotion was in effect last Thursday, according to Nikon Rumors, but wasn't made official by Nikon until recently.

The Nikon "We Pay Your Sales Tax" promo is available for most popular items. It seems to include a fairly long list of DSLRs, mirrorless...

Don’t be a Villain: 7 Things NOT To Do as a Wedding Photographer
When wedding photographers get together, we’re known to discuss (or debate) the things that can be a challenge in our line of work. Whether it’s videographers who’ve never met a telephoto lens or an Uncle Bob getting in the way of a shot, rest assured that we’ll be talking about it. But what about us? Do we ever stop to think what we might be doing to draw the ire of others in the event industry? I wanted to know when we were playing the role of the villain, so I asked a few prominent wedding planners - two in the U.S. and one from the U.K. - to give me the dirt.

Beauty Blooms in Blight: Striking Photos Show Burst of Color in Forgotten Home

There’s something about old places that always leaves you with a feeling of uncertain familiarity. Old places and empty places are like ghosts drifting behind us humming childhood singsongs just an octave below audible as we pace through their halls. If you’re from Detroit, you know that these places are aplenty. Some mighty like Roman ruins, some meek and shuttering in the wind, and most begging for new life. A new life is just what you’ll notice when you look at Michigan photographer Heather Saunders' photos of the amazing art installation, "The Flower House," which documents two long-abandoned homes in Hamtramck, Mich.

Mom Takes Haunting, Inspiring Photos of Daughter's Cosplay

Childhood is an adventure; a whimsically frightening maze through fields of glowing neon-green fauna and deep, daunting dungeons. Or at least that's how it can seem. Attempt to visualize your youth in the most romantic way your mind can muster. Envision how those racing emotions and that sense of adventure would have looked if painted or photographed. Such is the awe-inspiring catalog of imagination, imagery, and childhood wonder created by 10-year-old Alice Lewis with the help of her mother, photographer Kelly Lewis.

5 Reasons You Should Never Meet Your Clients at Starbucks

Figuring out where to host consultations can be a challenge for most wedding and portrait photographers who operate out of a home office. It’s easy to find yourself relying on the convenience of America’s every-other-corner caffeine distribution center, Starbucks, or a similar chain coffeehouse. And while saying you should "never" meet there might be a little drastic, client courtship in cafes isn't the best idea and is actually pretty avoidable. Here are five reasons to ditch your Starbucks meet-up for something a little more creative.

Surviving Wedding Photography Season Might Be Impossible Without These Essential Items

May is upon us, wedding photographers. Its the beginning of the season and we need to prepare ourselves for the long haul. Sure, we could brushing up on lighting techniques, talk about new lenses, buy faster cards, or argue about presets, but what we really need to think about are the intangible must-haves. The greens socks, my friends. That's right, I said socks.

New Shared Camera App by Hipstamatic Is Fun and Frustrating

A new filtered camera app that allows groups of mobile photographers to share in a timed shootout was released for iOS last week by app developer Hipstamatic. The free app, called DSPO, creates a collaboration of images via gallery or slideshow that none of the contributors can view until the session expires. But in a mobile photography world ruled by Instagram, Snapchat, and VSCO Cam, does DSPO stand a chance?

Flying With Gear in Tow Is a Risky Journey and Doesn't Seem to Be Getting Safer

When you’re first starting out as a professional photographer, nothing seems quite as sexy as getting your first traveling gig. Initially, it's a status symbol — an illustrious validation of your success. Eventually though, that quick hop to New York or jaunt to Cozumel becomes less revered. In fact, for many photographers these trips can be downright nerve-wracking. The reason for this is simple: Gear. Don’t be mistaken, there is still the appeal of being the confident traveling photographer reading some Tom Robbins in the terminal with your feet resting on your roller bag while waiting...

A Love for Adapted Lenses Leads One Photographer on a Journey to a Slower Pace
If you're in the photography game, either professionally or passionately, you've undoubtedly been overcome by the tingly, musing desire to buy some new gear that maybe you didn't need. You know, the stuff that clicks and shines and makes you dream of meandering the streets of New Delhi or the Highlands of Scotland on a golden, breezy morning. Michigan-based wedding and portrait photographer Rachel Schomsky is a self-professed "glass addict" who never thought her constant tinkering with vintage and adapted lenses would lead her on path of rediscovery with Lensbaby's new Velvet 56 manual focus lens.