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Jack Alexander
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Articles written by Jack Alexander

How This Photographer Shoots Light Halos Above UK Landmarks

A photographer with a passion for long exposures has shared an insight into how he creates UFO-style light halos within his landscape images. His posts containing his work have garnered hundreds of thousands of likes on the video-sharing site TikTok.

Uber-Style Photo App Snappr Lets You Book Photographers in Real-Time

After landing $10 million in Series A funds, a new app has launched which allows users to hire photographers using an Uber-style system. Initially based in cities and metropolitan areas, a photographer can be booked only hours ahead of when you need them, with some available for hire for as little as $89 each session.

Terminally Ill Man Has Livestream of His Death Blocked by Facebook

A terminally ill man who had been intending to livestream his death on Facebook has had the plan blocked by the social media platform. He is protesting France’s right-to-die laws after President Emmanuel Macron denied his right to voluntary euthanasia and has since ceased eating and drinking.

Taking Apart a $10,000 Mirrorless Fuji Camera Damaged by Saltwater

LensRentals has shared a number of images of the inside of a Fuji camera after staff took it apart when it died without obvious explanation. The customer had used it underwater within dive housing, and despite appearing fine on the outside, LensRentals discovered that inside, there was evidence of saltwater damage.