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Michael B. Stuart
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Articles written by Michael B. Stuart

See the Night Sky Come Alive in This Creatively Blended Time-Lapse

The night sky is one of life's true gifts. Capturing its beauty in a single frame with a camera is one thing, but creating something with thousands of images takes some serious skill and not surprisingly, turns out pretty amazing.

Artist Captures Video Portrait of Daughter Once a Week for 20 Years

A Dutch artist has created a video documenting twenty years by taking a short video of his daughter once a week for twenty years. That adds up to 1040 different clips that combine to make an amazing piece that might leave you needing some tissue.

Dodge and Burn Your Way to Better Landscape Photos

Dodging and burning is an old school technique that existed long before digital cameras and software. This does not mean it shouldn't be in a modern photographer's bag of tricks.

Your Guide to Finding Crazy Instagram Photography Hashtags

I have no idea where some of the trends are born from when it comes to hashtags, but with Instagram search and related hashtags feature, you can follow the breadcrumbs and grab a number of fresh tags you would never think of on your own.

Work Your Butt off at Weddings for More Referrals

Success in wedding photography can depend on a lot of factors that are both in and out of your control. One thing I recommend is going the extra yard where and whenever possible.