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You Don't Need That Expensive Lens for Your Photography

When you’re starting out as a photographer, it’s natural to lust after the lenses at the top of the food chain. You know the ones. Sometimes they have red rings around the front, or they are the portrait lens that can obliterate a background. Maybe you want the zoom lens that can survive a monsoon.

Stop and Smell the Photos: Take That Picture Now, Not Later

It’s happened to all of us – you’re driving, in a hurry to get to work and you pass by something you see every day and think “I’m going to shoot that." Except that you never do. Just like we’re always told to “stop and smell the flowers,” it’s something that’s also true for photos. Photos exist to show a moment in time – and if you wait too long, that moment will be gone forever.

Fstoppers Reviews the Nikon KeyMission 360 - How Does It Compare to the Samsung Gear 360?

The Nikon KeyMission lineup was announced in January 2016 at the Consumer Electronics Show and left many people scratching their heads. Hadn’t GoPro tried this action camera thing before? Overshadowed by the confusing press around the KeyMission 80 and the KeyMission 170, however, was a gem in the otherwise oddball KeyMission lineup, something unique that got lost in the shuffle, the KeyMission 360. It’s a true 360-degree camera that captures spherical video without any gaps in the footage, something that wasn’t as common in consumer 360 cameras at the time. So after many months with the camera, how good is it, and how does it compares to its nearest competition, the Samsung Gear 360?

Getting Along with Wedding Photographers When You're the Photographer-Guest

Wedding photographers make the worst wedding guests. I know that when I’m at a friend’s wedding, I have a hard time turning it off. And no one should make me - least of all the hired guns photographing the bride and groom for the day. If that sounds blasphemous, let me explain.

The Sky is Falling at Panasonic's Camera Division - or Not?

If you’ve been following the recent news about Panasonic, it’s possible to believe that the sky is falling over at the camera division, only to find out directly from the company it’s not, but then – reading between the lines – realizing it probably is a bad situation either way. A large, 4/3-sized chunk of the photo community is probably asking how it got so bad – didn’t the company just come out with the killer Lumix GH5?

Pour One out for the MacBook Air: Apple's Workhorse for Photographers Left for Dead

Apple’s MacBook Air isn’t long for this world. When Apple announced its new lineup of MacBook Pros in October, absent from the update party was the MacBook Air. In fact, Apple quietly removed the 11-inch model from the website around the same time, leaving only the 13 inch to soldier on for the time being. It's not a good sign for photographers invested in the Apple ecosystem (that’s a lot of us) looking for a road-warrior laptop.

Above It All: Use a Monopod to Get the Photograph in Tight Situations

Seems like protests are a pretty regular thing these days, and so there’s a lot of chances to photograph history in the making. So when you’re photographing a big news event, how do you get a picture while wading through the big-news crowds? Try using a monopod. I'll explain.