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Stephen Kampff
Dublin, D, IE

Articles written by Stephen Kampff

Take a Tour of My Cooking Shoot

I recently shot some cooking tutorials. They were budget-friendly, easy to follow, and there were 50 of them. Here’s how we did it.

Three Cheap Gift Ideas

The holidays are over, you’ve spent all your money. How can you save money on a birthday or Valentine’s gift?

Hands On: Insta360’s Clever New Modular Camera

Insta360’s ONE X has been a huge success for them; however, in the wake of the GoPro Hero 8, it’s about time they meet new demands. The GoPro Hero 8 and GoPro MAX 360 cameras are the flagships to beat: Insta360 is trying to take on both at once, for the same price as one.

Cramming a Large Keylight Into a Backpack

Recently Caleb Pike demonstrated an old trick with new tech, and it’s eye opening how much lighting one can cram into a tiny space these days.