10 Amazing Changes in the Nikon D810

Chris Niccolls and Jordan Drake over at The Camera Store take us to the Calgary Stampede to demonstrate the improved features of the Nikon D810.  While "10 Amazing Changes in the Nikon D810" makes for a catchy title, the truth is Chris and Jordan provide a full-fledged, hands-on field test.  They go into considerable depth about what you can expect from Nikon's latest offering. Which should come at no surprise as my fellow Canadians never fail to provide a thorough review video.  Even if you are not overly interested in the Nikon D810 this video is worth watching if for nothing else but to see Jordan deliver the line, "Oh snap Chris".

The Nikon D800 and D800E were two of the most important cameras of the last decade. Nikon has replaced both with the new D810. Is Nikon's latest enough to ensure that it's the camera of choice for photographers craving high resolution images without penalties in AF and low light? TCSTV's Chris Niccolls and Jordan Drake head out to the Calgary Stampede to find out!

- TheCameraStoreTV

Music Provided by BeatSuite.com
Shot by Jordan Drake and Chris Niccolls
Cut by Jordan Drake

Filmed on the Sony A7s

via [TheCameraStoreTV]

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Noam Galai's picture

I need this

Lee Morris's picture

This seems like a pretty significant upgrade to me. I'm excited to test one.

Noam Galai's picture

Please test the shutter sound... my D800 is so loud, which makes it impossible to shoot with on TV sets etc.

Henry Louey's picture

It would probably be silent if you compare it to my Sony A7r Noam :D

Jason Allen's picture

If you're regularly shooting on set, invest in a camera blimp for your D800! For example, this one, which my coworker recommends: http://aquatech.net/product/scout-d800-sound-blimp/

Noam Galai's picture

I tested the D610 recently, and it was so so quiet it was amazing. And im talking about normal mode, Q-mode is probably even better. I just hope the D810 is the same...

Arthur Ward's picture

I'm impressed by the video from Chris's closing remarks as it was all done in available light which was not much. I know the video was to showcase Nikon's D810 but i believe it showed the strength of Sony's A7s a lot more.

Dave Copithorne's picture

Great to see my hometown camera store killing the product review videos! YEEEHAAAWW

Jennifer Kelley's picture

If I remember correctly, the 800 has AF issues in the lower left quadrant. Nikon had no idea why it was happening, couldn't fix it, and it wasn't on every camera. Anyone know if the 810 is having the same issues?

Anonymous's picture

I would drag my ass through a mile of broken glass just to get my hands on this camera. Being stuck with a D3100 ain't even funny anymore!

Jay Goldz's picture

ha! Just remember, with more expensive camera will be more expensive glass.... and once you step up, its hard to go back.

Anonymous's picture

I know, the expensive glass is on it's way in already. Photography might be fun, but damn it's expensive!

Spy Black's picture

Never look down at your D3100. Only you are holding yourself back.

Anonymous's picture

The D3100 is a pain in the ass to work with, but It won't stop me from doing photography. I could be stuck with a lego camera and I would still be doing photography. After all, the equipment will only do you any good if you know how to use it!

Spy Black's picture

So, what is the "pain in the ass" part?

Anonymous's picture

It's not weather sealed, so bad weather means using a floppy bag to have over it, the low light performance is just terrible, the limited amount of focus points can be restraining, and I often find myself cropping to get the composition where I want it. The AF is slow, and locking focus seems to be impossible sometimes, The 3 fps is not very much fun either, but I can live with that.Last but not least I would love to have more than 14 mp, I've had my hands on some files from a D800, and the "quality" just blew me away.

Working with the D3100 has been a good thing for me. It has forced me to be creative, and find solutions to the limitations of the D3100, but it is about time I make an upgrade.

Roman France's picture

I really shouldn't want this as much as I do...

Christian Berens's picture

Very nice. Basically what we all expected, not a game changer if you have an 800 already. But it's nice that they're making subtle changes. I expect I'll be replacing my D800 with the next round. I'd like more FPS for racing photos (cars and motorcycles) but I still truly love my D800 even 2+ years with it! :)

Richard Johnson's picture

Great breakdown! I just ordered mine a few weeks ago!

Richard Cox's picture

I was able to use the D810 this past weekend (for all of 10 minutes). It is quieter. I was interested if it would work with my simple MC-30 shutter release --- it does. The split focus view is interesting, in live view you zoom in as you would normally, but you are presented with two squares that zoom at the same time. You use the multi selector to move the first square to where you want to focus, then you press the menu button or the button just below that (I forgot which, but there will be a hint in the lower right hand corner of the screen as to what key toggles active focus point) to switch to the other square.

james moro's picture

I heard they've implemented face tracking via the optical viewfinder? anyone care to comment?


Flo Hof's picture

Hi, thanks for the review. Just two questions:

Is exposure compensation still influencing BOTH normal and flash exposure?
Is flash exposure compensation still limited to +1 EV?