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Review of the Uinta 30L From Gura Gear: My New Urban Backpack

A month ago I was asked to review the Uinta backpack from Gura Gear and was excited about using it in the city. Gura Gear makes backpacks for outdoor / travel photographers; however, I instantly noticed some features I have been looking for in a bag for my elopement and wedding coverage needs.

The Uinta bag is created to be your one bag for multiple trips. It is designed with a modular system of storage cubes that can be removed and reconfigured. This helps divide the pack from camera gear to personal gear. Since this bag is compact and flexible, I can easily slide it under an airplane seat and still feel like my gear is well protected. And if I'm carrying a ton of gear, it's super simple to load this bad boy up to carry every little piece I need.



I was using the Thinktank Streetwalker Harddrive for weddings and elopments, which it is huge and bulky. I spent a day walking around with the Uinta loaded down, full with two bodies, two lenses, two flashes, and some modifiers. I noticed right away how the Unita conforms to my body much better than the Thinktank. I was amazed how well the bag takes weight off my shoulders and distributes it to the belt or chest strap, while also allowing adequate airflow to keep me dry instead of a sweaty mess.


This year I've found myself switching between a backpack and a messenger bag, trying to find the option that is best suited for my needs. I have struggled to find a bag that allows quick and easy access to my gear while also providing enough support that I'm not aching at the end of a long wedding day. Most backpacks you have to set down in order to access your gear, and most messenger bags don't offer enough support. The Uinta has a neat system for accessing your gear without having to put the bag down. When you are wearing the belt you can spin the bag around, and it hinges down to access the back flap, which creates a surface to change lenses on with out having to drop your bag on the ground.

fstoppers-guragear-unita (2)

The Unita's construction is top notch, from welded zippers to rip resistant material. I honestly wouldn't be worried if I was caught in a rain storm with this bag. The inside provides a ton of pockets and storage compartments, including a laptop sleeve, and I easily found a place for all my batteries, business cards, and cables.

fstoppers-guragear-unita (3)

Gura Gear has created a solid back with the Uinta. I truly believe this can be your go to bag for all your events and adventures. With its interchangeable modular system and solid build, this bag can transform into whatever you need for your workday.

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Kevin Hatcher's picture

Nice article. I spent A long time trying to find something similar about a year ago. I wanted to carry camera gear AND extras (lunch, waterproofs etc.) and found the Fstop Loka. Its sized to be used as cabin luggage (just) and is very comfortable (by the way I don't work for Fstop :) ) just as another option :D

Jerrit Pruyn's picture

I have a buddy with the fstop bags. They are very similar but I find the Gura to have some features I like just a little better. He wanted the Gura once he saw it in person. I would definitely check out both if you are in the market.

Kevin Hatcher's picture

Cool I will have a look at there gear. Always worth looking at what other people use and produce. It might suit me better too :)

Nicholas gonzalez's picture

Good review. Does the bag come with a modular pouch or is it empty unless one buys a modular set with the bag?

Jerrit Pruyn's picture

It is $200 for the bag and you can add the module options, they do not come with it.

Greg Eigsti's picture

Gura Gear is top of the line, no doubt. I carry a Chobe daily as my work/camera/laptop briefcase and have a Bataflae for travel (yes it HAS saved my gear). It only takes a few seconds with one of their bags to understand the quality of materials and workmanship as well as how well thought out the design is. It is obvious that Gura is as concerned with your comfort and gear as much as you are. The only thing that would make their bags better is an anti-gravity module to combat the weight of everything that you can safely stow and compartmentalize :)