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Using the World's 1st Versatile VND Filters With Landscapes

Neutral density filters are generally found in two forms, circular filter systems, and square filter systems. Each of these systems has its respective advantages and disadvantages. However, a company called Freewell seems to have produced a filter system that manages to offer the best of both worlds.

In a recent Fstoppers video, Patrick Hall takes a look at a pretty clever ND filter system from a company called Freewell. Most circular filter systems are limited with how you can stack them and how you can combine effects from several different kinds of filters. Although with a holder system you do have the ability to combine the results of multiple filters, the systems are generally cumbersome and require larger square filters. 

The Freewell system however operates to combine multiple ND filters to produce a variable ND system. This means you can cycle through a range of neutral density stops with one circular system due to how the magnetic system combines filters. The Freewell system is bolstered by the fact that it relies on strong magnets to attach filters. This helps prevent vibrations and movement thus helping to produce a sharpers crisper result. 

The Freewell VND system starts from 2 stops worth of exposure and goes all the way up to 9 stops of exposure without exhibiting any x-patterns in the image. And finally, Freewells' VND system also includes a mist filter to help you produce that cinematic truly cinematic look. 

In the video linked above, Hall runs through the system in great detail and also demonstrates how it performs for long exposures. To check out this new and incredible system take a look at the video linked above. 

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Ed C's picture

Is there any YouTuber or blogger they haven't paid to shill these in the last 2 weeks?

Jan Steinman's picture

Also worth mentioning is the behind-the-lens clip-in system from STC Optics (

With this system, you can use a single clip-in ND filter with any lens you use, regardless of their filter size — even ones like fisheyes that do not have any way to attach a filter at all!

STC Optics also has a range of IR filters and astrophotography filters in the clip-in format, available for all major mirrorless bodies.

I hope you can do a review of what seems to be a truly innovative filter product! I just received a 3-ND set, but haven't tried them yet.