Ten Photography Channels Under 10K Subscribers

With the sheer volume of YouTube channels out there, it can be tough to find the up-and-comers with fresh unique perspectives. Thankfully for us Andrew of Denae & Andrew has gone and done all of the hard work for us in a brand new video.

The channels that Andrew chose are incredibly varied in content and hosting styles. I've chosen three of my favorites from the video above — but all ten are fantastic new additions to your sub box. 

Adrian Vila's film-focused landscapes are jaw-dropping — often black and white medium format shots with lots of delicious grain and incredible use of shadows.

Sweet Lou Photography has a very unique style of presentation that, while not for everyone, tickles me just right.  Imagine if the guy behind the 'history of japan' video was a photographer instead of a singer - very similar style of humor here.

My favorite hidden gem in the list is probably Mik Milman who is a film-oriented YouTuber with under 400 subscribers at the writing of this article who photographs portraits and celebrities. Great content, though his videos are quite quiet. (Mik, if you're reading this, your mic levels are super low)

While not all channels will be to everyone's taste — it is nice to see YouTubers supporting each other beyond contrived collaborations. I've been a fan of Denae & Andrew for a while now and they do lists like these every once in awhile and I hope to see them continue as their own channel grows — so it's nice to see a bigger channel shouting out to smaller channels like this.

Do you have any hidden gem favorite YouTubers? What do you think of this list? Sound off in the comments below!

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16mm Camera's picture

Interesting post thanks. I enjoy the perspective of hobbiests because it feels more authentic to me vs them trying to sell me presets.

Some guys I enjoy sub 10k

Mark Holtze: great presentation and style, dabbles in the legacy lens market and has done some 35mm film stuff. I found him via here actually where a few of his videos have been shared.

Most of the other guys I subscribe to are much bigger but he is worth a mention in my opinion.

Jen Photographs's picture

If anyone has reccs for women photographers on YT, that'd be fantastic. Gold star if she specializes in landscapes. I already follow a number of male photographers on YT - nothing against them, just want to support the ladies, too.

YT's algorithm makes it tough to find new and smaller YT channels. Pthh.

stuartcarver's picture

Lynne Luxton-Jones

Phil Timothy's picture

"10 Youtube channels that aren't annoying and filled with 'filler' slow motion and garbage"

John Skinner's picture

Although I don't do as much 'free time' wildlife images as I'd like to. I still enjoy it and watching the efforts of others skilled in the craft. I found this one fella from Denmark who is a former Danish Special Forces guy. And although lately he's really mixed it up with some bushcraft stuff.. Looking and listening to him -- how 100% passionate he is about his story telling....It's a really good watch and I don't think you'd be disappointed. He's published many times over with his own books and in nature mags...

Hop over to YouTube and search for: Morten Hilmer

I started following around 10K subs? Anyhoo, he's at 85 thousand now... Gotta be worth a look.

Jonathan Adams's picture

Steve Mattheis - Wildlife photographer based in Jackson Hole Wyoming https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDIr0UgrBJ3lGfs0eeKV6Tw/videos

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I just found this! Hopefully I've fixed my audio levels.