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Allison Stokke Takes You for a Ride in Point of View Pole Vaulting Video

GoPro and Allison Stokke take you for wild first-person experience into what it’s like to pole vault. The 2016 Olympic hopeful and former Cal vaulter takes you through the process from a variety of GoPro placements. In my track days I used to think that pole vaulters were nuts, and this video reinforces that sentiment.

The last time a video on the internet gave me that falling sensation in my stomach was the video of the kids climbing the cranes atop buildings. While this isn’t as dangerous, you won’t find me attempting this either. Allison became an internet sensation when the photo below went viral from one of her track meets. Oddly enough, Wikipedia deleted all pages related to Stokke (pronounced Stokey) because in their eyes she is only an internet phenomena. Hopefully she qualifies for the Rio Olympics and proves them wrong. 

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