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From Rescued Animals to Art - Photographer Captures Relationships of Rescued Wild Animals and Humans

With over one hundred exhibitions around the world and countless prestigious awards under his belt, 32 year old Czech photographer Martin Stranka, is blurring the lines between dreaming and awakening. His mesmerising body of work has culminated with his latest and most successful series where he showcases the plights of those who have rescued wild animals.

Stranka also highlights the notion of solitude, through his empowering and thought-provoking eight year photo compilation, “I Found the Silence.” With a strong appreciation for those who help animals in danger, this inspiring young photographer has managed to encapsulate both the beauty of nature and the ideas of hope, love, and survival through his recent work. His passion for spontaneity and his desire to find the magic in the moment, has lead to his series of exquisite and natural photographs which embody all that is pure, unscripted, and raw.

A decade ago, Stranka claims that photography discovered him. Following the painful loss of someone very close to him, this self-taught photographer used taking photos as a type of therapy to allow him to express himself through visual imagery. “I Found the Silence” has served as an ongoing diary for Stranka, as he has sought and discovered inner peace in the often chaotic and noisy world around him. His earlier belief that solitude mirrors loneliness was transformed, as he discovered the merits of meditation and the power of self-reflection. He credits the characters who he has met along the way and passion in its very truest form, for shaping his life and the narrative of his photos.

With the 10 year anniversary of his illustrious career approaching, Stranka is using a fundraising platform to assist him in publishing his 100 page Art/Photography book titled, “10 years.” The book will feature personally signed photographs from 2007-2017 and aims to both capture attention through it’s evocative images and the power of his message as an artist. This chronological series of journal like photo entries, offer a magical insight into Stranka’s life and journey as an award winning photographer and the passion which he feels for his craft. Stranka uses a full-frame Canon 5D Mark III and most regularly uses a Canon EF-24-70mm f/2.8L II lens. All editing is done through Adobe Photoshop CS6.

To learn more about Stranka's works and his book, you can visit his website.

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