Contest Entry: Diana Deaver Shoots With Window Light

Diana Deaver is a talented photographer and good friend of mine from Charleston SC. A few weeks before the deadline she told me that she was working on a contest submission that would focus on natural lighting. Diana is a master of natural light and so I was very excited to see what she could come up with. Check out her very informatve video below. You don't need expensive gear to get quality images guys!

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Lamonte Gwynn's picture

Excellent work Diana. I am so impressed with this video tutorial. My idea for the contest was to get extremely creative. You kept it simple but incredibly informative. There's no reason why anyone who views this video isn't able to produce some amazing beauty shots. Bravo!!!!

c.d.embrey's picture

Great video, great photos. Proving, once again, that your most important piece of photo equipment is your brain.

Ale Vidal's picture

Actually that is CANON 85mm f/1.2 L, not that crap of 1.8!! :) AAnyway congratulation, you have made something cool and smart. Old style photoshoot :)'s picture

Love the video, Diane. It was so simple but amazingly full of wonderful ideas. I especially like your use of available light and minimal equipment. This is great for beginning photographers who don't have a lot of money to invest in equipment just yet. Beautiful shots!

Phat Photographer's picture

Very thoughtful explanations. Not sure I could ever get a toddler to sit still while I position four pieces of poster board, but you can't argue with the results. Thanks for sharing.

jeni's picture

love Diana's work and this was a wonderful, very descriptive and fun look into your gorgeous work! xo