Contest Entry: Zak Shelhamer Shoots A Motorcycle

Zak Shelhamer has just submitted his contest entry; a behind the scenes video of him shooting his buddy on a motorcycle. The shoot isn't complicated at all and that is why I love it. Zak uses a van, 2 lights, and a stick to create very compelling images. You can join the dialog about this video below in the comments or head over to his forum post here.

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Corey Grusden's picture

I like it. 1.5hr to do a shoot, with no cash just friends. A lot of photographers think they either need a huge production... or just don't do anything at all to begin with... Rock on Zak

Zachary Breaux's picture

Defintely a fan of that camcorder hot shoe mount. Video was good but audio would have been better with the help of a clip on mic.

Zak Shelhamer's picture

Thanks guys, I wish I had a mic so bad! I think sound is one of the most important things in video I also wish I had more time to explain why I did that lighting set up and some other ideas that I had.. Next time.

Lee Morris's picture

Zak, please remember that you can submit as many videos for the contest as you like :)

Sikora's picture

Ahhh thats like dangling a baby off the back off your car lol, sooo scary but the shots are hot. looks like a great ad for a bike or for tourism wherever that is