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Ella Manor Is The Lady Gaga Of Photography

Ella Manor is a fashion photographer based out of New York City who approaches her photography in a rather unorthodox manner. Much of her work combines beautiful models and extravagant clothing with dreamy camera effects and often times double exposures. Her hybrid style lends itself to the unpredictable nature of Lensbaby lenses so much so that she has been labeled a "Photo Guru" by the lens company themselves. This video showcases her latest photo essay Power House and explains how she approaches her photography from both a technical aspect and also a visionary aspect. I can't say I've ever seen anything quite like this before but judging from the images on her website I think I like what I see.

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Alvin Toro's picture

Impressive. A gorgeous girl making gorgeous imagery with a D90. The haters are going to have a conniption.

Garrett B's picture

I have never fully understood how high / edgey fashion designers make money because I can't recall ever seeing anyone actually dress like that

Si's picture

Great to see a photographer who isn't a gear head... Just get's on with it.. Good for her.

tom's picture

Great & original stuff... someone like she gives me inspiration for some next shoots! Thanks for sharing!

Dafydd Owen's picture

Interesting stuff.
Very "Arty" which isn't usually my preference but I also like their fairly down to earth explanation. Also like the explanation of gear used - appeals to my dominant techie side.

Donnie Bell Design's picture

Very original. I love that it combines unusual fashions and industrial backdrops with bright colors and glamorous accessories to keep it from being too extreme.

Roy Patton's picture

ive been following Ella for a while, and she is absolutely amazing... very original and very inspirational..

Corey R's picture

Awesome, I haven't seen her work before, really interesting stuff!
I've been looking for photographers to research in my current university project, and she is perfect. Thank you!

khappucino's picture

the gas mask subject is hilarious looking. very cool work

Carlos Bruno's picture

@Garret Byrum - I share the same opinion of yours until I went to work exactly on fashion "belly-button-of-the-world" NYC and start to "understand" it.
What they do is EXAGGERATE everything until became LAME enough to be usable on the streets (even Laday Gaga[rbage] doesn't dare), but "conceptual" enough to be on the fashion's weeks.
Starting from THIS point, the "designers", not more the dictators of the fashion, sit and create something more commercial to be used by ... well, whomever can pay for the "real" brands or knock-offs (what sometimes worth the most once in 4/5/6 months 'that thing' is not acceptable anymore.
Ella has with no doubts her immense contribution with her work.
Just because no one came before her with her conceptions.
If I like ... well ... it's very interest but I prefer make on the camera the INITIAL image and work in pos ... posterior using actions and other possibilities of PS.
Check Jerrit's WEDRUN post (from Yan) and see how AMAZING his job is. Doesn't matter for ME there is tons of Photoshop there.
Still built like a strong house.
Step-by-step, but not on the floor plant like Autocad.

Jim Cunningham's picture

a big fail in the title but a great, inspirational video...c'mon, guys! lady gaga?!

Rameez-k's picture

The video is ok, her explanations don't account for much though. But wow her work is amazing no doubt about that. Shame it seems like she doesnt express herself verbally enough in the video however

Isaac's picture

I wouldn't say the Lady Gaga, I'd say the Björk of photography