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Miami Photographer Andres Hernandez Shoots A Spring Collection

Originally from Columbia, Andres Hernandez has quickly become one of the top fashion photographers in Miami. In his most recent video, Andres collaborates with Extyn Italy for their spring 2010 collection. There are some nice behind the scenes moments in this video but it does lack a little on the technical aspect. From what I can tell, most of Andres images in this video are based solely on natural light with only a few scrims and reflectors as modifiers. It's nice to see images that rely only on natural light from time to time and Andres definitely has the ability to knock out some killer shots with very few extra tools.

Check out more of Andres Hernandez's work at

Extyn Italy / Behind the scenes photoshoot from Andres Hernandez on Vimeo.

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Luke Avery's picture

Great photos - shows you don't always need thousands of watt-seconds to make a stunning fashion portrait.

Lorenz Wittjen's picture

Right, but this kind of lovely models makes the job easy.