Save up to 60% on all Fstoppers tutorials shows how to photograph high speed objects easily

Michael from has come up with an easy way to capture high speed images with a simple flash setup. While this method works great when popping waterballoons, you could also use it to capture anything that has a dramatic impact. Hopefully we can track down the specific unit Michael is using to create this setup.

View more work by pixelcatcher by visiting their website at

How to take a picture of an exploding waterbomb from pixelcatcher on Vimeo.

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Zona de Arte's picture

Patrick your video rocks! Thanks for the share!

I hope you bring more vids on how to take more "things" bombs.. ;)

I saw you were shooting the water balloon against a white wall, is that right?

Patrick Hall's picture

I'm not sure what you mean by shooting against a white wall. I did not film this video; it was contributed by the guys over at pixelcatcher. The idea here is to kill all ambient and use the flash as your main light. So you could essentially shoot against white or black or whatever.