Stephen Alvarez Lights Up Entire Caves

Have you ever watched a scary movie where the only part of the scene you can see is being lit by a small flash light or candle from five feet away? Well those are the conditions cave photographer Stephen Alvarez regularly works in when he climbs below the earth's surface. Together with his team of assistants, Stephen is able to light his photographs in majestic fashion by strategically placing his lights throughout large caverns. I have really never seen anything like this before, and it makes me appreciate my easy work environments in comparison. Be sure to head over to Stephen's website to check out more cave images as well as his photojournalistic work through National Geographic.

Earth From Below from Stephen Alvarez on Vimeo.

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Nathan O'Kane's picture

I loved what he said, "...that response is not governed by your thought process." Wonderful.

dan stone's picture

i love locations shooting, but normally grumble a bit lugging my gear about.... after thinking about how much and how far they have to carry stuff...... i'll stop moaning from now on! amazing pics

tomas's picture

Ryan McGinley did it better ;)