How To Mix Light To Create A Fiery Effect

 Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz  best known for his amazing milk dress series  is back with another amazing lighting tutorial. In this video he explains how to create some pretty nifty looking light streaks to create a fiery effect in your photographs. Using both a modeling lamp and normal flash from some Paul C. Buff Einsteins he shows how you can drag your shutter to create the effect. 

Jaroslav goes into detail about how to set your lights and camera to get the desired look with the lighting diagram below.





You can read more about the process including more diagrams and examples on Jaroslav's blog: Aurum Light

Also check out Patrick Hall's comparisons to Einsteins flash duration vs. Profoto and Broncolor with  Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz here: Which Strobe Has The Shortest Flash Duration: Profoto, Broncolor, or Einstein?


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Wowzers man!!!!!! I am simply amazed!!!!