3 Great B-Roll Transitions That Are Easy to Shoot

There is almost no area of videography that won't use B-roll at one point or another. In this video, add three great B-roll transitions to your arsenal that are quick and easy to learn.

The more I work in videography, the more I realize the depth of the craft. I went into it fully expecting complexity, and I wasn't disappointed, but even simple fillers for storyline progression or narrative can take time, effort, and knowledge to pull off. B-roll may be simple in nature, but it can add a level of cohesion and viewer interest that makes it invaluable to a successful production. Filmmaker, Daniel Schiffer, is particularly effective at shooting these fillers and transitions.

B-roll transitions aren't exclusively used for fast paced videography, and many of the transitions you'll see Schiffer use can be applied to a multitude of videos, but he is unquestionably talented at variations on whip pans and cross dissolves, as you can see above.

What's your go-to transition? Do you use any? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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