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Create Social Media Videos in Minutes Using Wondershare Filmii

Create Social Media Videos in Minutes Using Wondershare Filmii

Are you a creative content producer that needs to save time when it comes to editing video content? Look no further than Wondershare Filmii which quickly organizes your video content for a fast upload.If delving down into the technical basement of video editing software is a source of pain and disappointment for you, then you'll be glad to read that there is a piece of editing software out there that can save you time and money when it comes to creating bespoke video content. Wondershare Filmii is designed for content creators who want to focus on the making rather than the technical aspects behind it. Filmii is great for social media publishing as it has multiple aspect ratio formats to choose from. It also contains multiple style templates which make it easy to string a bunch of video rushes together into one cohesive piece of work. But how does it work and what options are available? Let's take a look.

Choose From Specific Templates

Filmii main page screenshot
Wondershare Filmii contains many template styles to choose from in a variety of aspect ratio formats

There are several options to choose from when making a video in Filmii and each is designed to save you time and effort by providing you with templates or the tools needed to complete a video edit quickly and to a high standard. The three main template tabs to choose from are: 16:9, 1:1, and 9:16. This split of templates through the use of aspect ratios is a smart way to divide content destined for specific uses.

Templates are also handily split into a variety of categories for those that need to quickly produce a video based on certain events such as: birthdays; holidays; family gatherings; and even specific genre types like: cinematic; fashion; and travel. The options change to bespoke layouts for each aspect ratio tab and we'll get onto the 16:9 and 9:16 layouts in more detail in a moment, but the 1:1 ratio (a new addition to Wondershare Filmii) is particularly useful for social media applications. That's because 1:1 is no longer the reserve of Instagram but features on many different social platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and more due to the uniformity of its display on any device.

Edit templates in Filmii
Editing templates is quick and easy with drag-and-drop processing and fast render times to keep things moving

Filmii makes it simple to create videos from scratch using a variety of its editing tools as we'll come to see later on, but it also features a speedy Auto Create button which allows you to create a fully edited video within minutes by simply importing your content, rearranging it in a timeline and then Filmii does the rest to produce the video for you.

Edit in 16:9

The 16:9 tab gives us horizontal templates that would work on horizontally oriented screens such as a desktop computer, laptop, or smart device rotated to landscape mode. This tab has the most template styles to choose from with 25 options which range from stylish and subtle, to much brighter, playful templates. It also has the option to "start from scratch" where content can be edited more traditionally through the use of a film strip, content library, and multiple editing tools such as transitions, adding text, and inclusion of audio. It's also simple to do things like record a voiceover, add graphical elements, and visual effects with just a touch of a button.

Create video from scratch in Filmii
Videos can be created from scratch with an industry-standard layout which features a film strip, viewing window, and editing controls linked to effects and transitions options

Switch Over to 9:16

Moving on to the next tab and we can see templates ordered in 9:16 aspect ratio. These templates orientate vertically and are more for smart devices such as smartphones and tablets, but they're also ideal for social media where vertical scrolling is most common. There are fewer templates to choose from here but there's still plenty to choose from with seven different template styles. Again, we're met with an option to "start from scratch" as with the 16:9 option but this time content is edited to publish vertically instead of horizontally.

Vertical video creation
Vertical videos are perfect for viewing on devices that are usually oriented vertically such as smart phones and tablets

Nail Social Media Content

For social media content creators or influencers, Filmii has a final tab called "more". In here we're met with four separate layouts which work in the same way as the "start from scratch" options on both previous tabs, except the aspect ratio is locked for specific social media outlets. The options to choose from are Tiktok (9:16), Facebook (4:3), Cinema (21:9), and Instagram (1:1). Users who would benefit most from these options are those who need to create custom videos, or already have media assets to assemble, but need to do so quickly with output aspect ratio already locked into place. This way users can be sure that none of their content will be missing or hidden when publishing on specific platforms.

Social media templates in filmii
Four bespoke social media aspect ratio templates allow users to create video content without the worry of text or subjects disappearing off the edge of the screen

Get Started Quickly

Template guide in filmii
Filmii guides you through the basics of starting your video editing whether by starting from scratch or using one of the in-built templates

Making videos from scratch can seem daunting, but Filmii helps you every step of the way whether using the pre-loaded templates, aspect ratio custom styles, or making a video on your own. When creating content from the templates there's even a short four-step walkthrough splash screen that explains exactly what you'll be doing, before slowly navigating you through each step in order to create a simple project. I like that this information is upfront and ready to help, rather than being hidden away somewhere, deep in a sub-menu ready to help you once you find it.


Overall, there's a lot to love about Wondershare Filmii with its time-saving templates and locked-in aspect ratio offerings. It can offer up detailed editing for slightly more experienced users as well and I particularly like the customization Filmii gives when adding things like video transitions offering up just enough to make edits bespoke, such as changing the duration of a video transition, but not too much to overwhelm users that need to speed through content creation.

Video effects and transitions
Extra offerings such as video transitions and visual effects are easy to apply and give a simple level of control for bespoke styling
It's even possible to use preset color filters within a template to create a cohesive visual aesthetic that helps to tie in all of your video content, which definitely helps users that want to run their own YouTube channels or upload media to their website with a simple slider to adjust the Alpha (read: intensity) of the filtration on the video content.
Filter presets in filmii
Apply color presets with Filmii to keep video content cohesive and working as a whole, rather than separate unfiltered clips
Wondershare Filmii is easy-to-use, works quickly, and offers just enough manual control to keep things under wraps should you need to change things up. The templates make workflow simple while the aspect ratio tabs keep things neat and orderly bespoke for specific publishing types. If you're someone who needs to create a quality video without the faff, then Filmii is for you.

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